3 thoughts on “Labour party in the USA?

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  2. Former DNC interim chair Donna Brazile just told the world what millions of independents and progressives already suspected. The presidential primary was rigged as far back as 2015, as then-chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz ceded all authority to the Clinton campaign. The DNC’s reliance on big money donors tipped the scales against progressives.

    This proves why we must continue to fight against establishment politics. Make a $5 contribution to Our Revolution today so that we can stand up to the party insiders and corporate consultants.

    Even after the 2016 election, the party continues to alienate progressives. Tom Perez, the current DNC Chair, just demoted supporters of Senator Bernie Sanders and Representative Keith Ellison, including Our Revolution Board Member Dr. Jim Zogby, the only Arab American, from the Executive Committee.

    The DNC’s preference for large campaign contributions over our revolutionary model of small-dollar donations goes against everything a grassroots organization is supposed to be about. We won’t have a chance against Republican extremism if our core values are compromised for campaign contributions. Progressives, independents, and a growing number of Democrats feel that the Party no longer works for them. That has to change.

    The model of relying on people, not special interests is the way forward. But that only works if you keep supporting organizations and candidates that can change the world for the better. Contribute $5 to Our Revolution and help us get big money out of the Democratic Party and return power to the grassroots.

    Power concedes nothing without pressure. We need to apply that pressure now more than ever.

    In solidarity,
    Nina Turner


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