8 thoughts on “Scottish Blairite politician’s Freudian slip on inequality

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  4. Friday 1st December 2017

    IGNORAMUS Noel Gallagher branded Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn “a communist” yesterday before admitting he does not pay great attention to current affairs.

    The former guitarist of insipid Britpop bores Oasis branded all politicians “idiots” and reserved particular scorn for Mr Corbyn.

    He told online magazine Paste: “Fuck Jeremy Corbyn.

    “He’s a communist. And Trump’s a … a … I’m not even going to name him. But they don’t affect my life. Well, Donald Trump, maybe, because his views on the environment are pretty fucking scary, and that will affect my children.

    “But politicians? They’re fucking idiots. They’re economists — that’s all they are.”

    However Gallagher, who was a huge supporter of Tony Blair, admitted he is not interested in what is going on in the world.

    “I don’t watch the news,” he said. “The news is fucking boring.”



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