Botanical garden autumn leaves, flowers

Oriental sweetgum, 22 October 2017

On 22 October 2017, to the botanical garden. Close to the entrance were these autumn leaves of an oriental sweetgum tree.

A ring-necked parakeet in a tree. Jays.

In the tropical hothouse, both adult and young giant prickly stick insects from Australia were still present. They lay many eggs here.

Brown-eyed Susan, 22 October 2017

Further, near the canal and the astronomical observatory, these brown-eyed Susan flowers. Close to them, also on the photo, the last Lobelia speciosa flowers of the year.

Malus toringo, 22 October 2017

Close to the canal, five Malus toringo smallish trees with orange berries.

Malus toringo, on 22 October 2017

In January 2016, these berries had attracted a blackbird.

Hothouse, 22 October 2017

Behind the tropical hothouse, a tree with beautiful reddish autumn leaves.

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