Nazis in German armed forces

This video says about itself:

14 May 2017

Even in nightmares FRG [Federal Republic of Germany] nationals didn’t see their future as the Third Reich‘s successors. But as it became clear before Victory Day, there is another side to Germany. And it’s not some street Neo-Nazi hooligans, these are officers of the modern German Army. These were found in the Bundeswehr barracks, weapons with swastika and an entire exhibition of Wehrmacht decorations. That’s what shocked the investigation, which is to be completed next week. Our correspondent Mikhail Antonov reports from Germany.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

The military intelligence service of the German army has discovered about 200 soldiers since 2008 that they are right-wing extremist ….

The intelligence agency MAD says that after a question from the Greens in the Bundestag [parliament]. The party is shocked by that number, as the head of the military intelligence service in October had still said that about eight neonazis per year are being discovered in the defense forces. …

Last year, the German forces came into the news after a lieutenant was arrested who allegedly wanted to do a terrorist attack. According to the German justice department, he was a member of an extreme right network within the army that consisted of at least five soldiers. The group had a death list, including, among others, former federal president Gauck.

There were also reports about the finding of memorabilia from the Hitler age.

These 200 neonazi soldiers are only the ones discovered by the MAD. How about the undiscovered ones? Like, that lieutenant planning terrorism for which he hoped that Syrian refugees would be blamed, was an undiscovered neonazi until he tried to retrieve a firearm in Austria.

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