Heather Heyer Street in Charlottesville, USA

This video from Virginia in the USA says about itself:

16 August 2017

Thousands of people carrying candles filled the streets of downtown Charlottesville for a vigil for Heather Heyer, the woman killed at a white supremacist rally.

Al Jazeera’s Shihab Rattansi reports from Charlottesville.

From RT.com:

Charlottesville to rename street for woman killed during August protest

5 Oct, 2017 07:17

The city council of Charlottesville, Virginia has voted to rename a street after Heather Heyer who was killed while protesting a white supremacist rally on August 12.

On the 4th street in Charlottesville, where Heyer, 32, died there will be a sign with her name, as requested by her mother, Susan Bro.

“Even the thought of going there now is very challenging. I didn’t even go to the site until a week after she passed away, and that was very, very difficult,” Bro told CNN affiliate WVIR. “For me, that spot is the site of my daughter’s murder.”

Heyer was among the protesters who came to confront a white supremacist rally, which gathered to demonstrate against the planned relocation of Confederate General Robert E. Lee’s statue. A driver then plowed into the crowd of counter-protesters, killing Heyer and injuring over a dozen others.

The driver, James Alex Fields Jr., 20, was charged with second-degree murder. He reportedly supported white supremacists.

Heyer’s killing and the violent clashes between white nationalists and counter-protesters triggered a wave of Confederate monument removals across the US, which are seen by many as symbols of racism and support for slavery.

I’d been tracking racially charged threats of violence against anti-racist activists in North Carolina for a couple months. In this combustible climate, in which anti-racist activists felt threatened and vulnerable, I started getting messages from anti-racist activists complaining that people associated with a site called Big League Politics were coming on campus and trying to instigate confrontations. Although I wasn’t familiar with BLP, I knew about the right-wing conspiracy theory insinuating that UNC professor Dwayne Dixon was a part of a vast left-wing plot and somehow engineered James Fields’ deadly car-ramming attack at the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville — an outrageous slander against Dixon: here.

It took a Charlottesville jury less than seven hours’ deliberation Friday to find 21-year-old James Fields, Jr. of Maumee, Ohio guilty of first-degree murder and nine other felony charges stemming from an attack on peaceful counter-protesters during a white racist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia last year: here.

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