Window bird feeder in the USA

This video from North Carolina in the USA says about itself:

1 October 2017

Clear Acrylic Window Bird Feeders are a lot of fun. A review and test of the MOOKZZ Clear Acrylic Window Bird Feeder gets me up close and personal to my favorite small mountain songbirds. The link to this bird feeder on Amazon is here where it is the cheapest of this type of bird feeder available and of high quality. If you order it through this link a tiny portion of the sale goes toward supporting the Backyard creatures.

A second full test will be completed in Florida next month and hopefully some Painted Buntings will take to it just like the Chickadees and Titmice. It is easy to install and depending on what window you use it is totally squirrel proof as in my installation here as there is no way for the squirrels to get to it – they haven’t figured out to climb siding yet. You can also install and refill the feeder by just opening a window if you have it high off the ground like this one. All in all a barrel of fun for bird-lovers and of course the birds. I have mine on the window over my computer desk so I’m watching Chickadees and Titmice come and go and hammer away at sunflower seeds all day long just inches from my computer screen, very relaxing and you learn even more about these industrious little birds.

Thanks for watching.

Anyone with a backyard feeder has seen squabbles between species break out from time to time, but who gets the “upper wing” in these confrontations? Project FeederWatch participants recorded more than 7,000 interactions at feeders to help Cornell Lab scientists study “dominance hierarchies.” The findings? Sometimes, size matters. But not always. Read more here.

9 thoughts on “Window bird feeder in the USA

  1. Nice window box feeder, I’m going to get one. I probably have to use the heavy duty suction cups, would not be long until my squirrel jumped on top. 😊


      • Nothing is squirrel proof against my girl,she will jump on It repeatedly until she knocks it to the ground so she could get the food… She’s a trip…. she broke a heavy duty wire or one of my bird feeders and knock it down, then she gets in my plants and hides the food,she even hides the peanuts behind the pillows of our porch furniture. My sister-in-law has a squirrel as mysterious as the one I have, Sandy keeps her food on the screened in porch that has Windows the squirrel got the window up and chew through the screen and chewed a hole in the peanut container, and naturally she got stuck, Sandy heard a whole bunch of commotion went out and looked and there was a mess of food all over the place, the squirrel sat looking at her, like hi I’m stuck can you please open the door for me.


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