Turkey’s Erdogan threatens war on Iraqi Kurdistan

Turkey and Iraqi Kurdistan

As if things are not already bad enough with United States President Donald Trump, buddy of Turkish dictator Erdogan, threatening and practicing war on Yemen, Afghanistan, North Korea, Venezuela, Africa and where not … Turkish dictator Erdogan himself, after invading Syria, today threatens to, once again, invade Iraqi Kurdistan as well.

Like his fellow corrupt right-winger Rajoy in Spain, also Erdogan’s helper, Erdogan uses as pretext a referendum about independence. However, Rajoy’s forces of oppression in Catalonia at the moment have not crossed an internationally recognized border. While an Erdogan invasion of Iraq would be aggression against an internationally recognized sovereign state.

‘We can arrive any night’: Erdogan warns Iraqi Kurds of invasion: here. And here.

KURDISH politicians have accused Turkey of forming an armed militia in the contested Iraqi city of Kirkuk: here.

8 thoughts on “Turkey’s Erdogan threatens war on Iraqi Kurdistan

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  2. Villagers deprived of water for voting against Erdogan
    Turkish officials deliberately deprive Kursunlu village of water, after there wasn’t a single vote for Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his party in general elections.

    Kursunlu (Pirejman) is a small village in Dicle, a district of Amed province. After none of the villagers voted for Erdogan, Kursunlu’s water reservoir was bombed by Turkish army. Now in Kursunlu, people carry water to their homes with the help of donkeys.

    Turkish officials deliberately deprive Kursunlu village of water, after there wasn’t a single vote for Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his party in general elections.

    Kursunlu village was burned by Turkish soldiers in 1993. All of its residents were forced to settle in Diyarbakir city centre and other cities. European Court of Human Rights’ (ECHR) sentenced Turkish government to pay compensation to the residents of Kursunlu in 2013 and villagers started to return to their homes after that.

    But Turkish oppression against the villagers didn’t stop. For a long time, Turkish officials resisted providing electricity to the village. But things got a lot more complicated when villagers wanted to bring water.


    The Diyarbakir Metropolitan Municipality started to lay pipes to provide drinking water to Kursunlu village. But these efforts were halted by Turkish army because of “security” concerns. In 2015 the water reservoir that is vital to bring water to the village was bombed by Turkish warplanes. The water pipes were damaged and the reservoir was completely destroyed.

    Turkey says that the water reservoir was bombed because it was also providing water to the cemetery where PKK fighters were buried near the village.

    Villagers say the real reason is in recent elections, not even a single person voted for Erdogan or his party in Kursunlu.

    The villagers are now carrying drink water from the fountain with the help of donkeys. Villagers can’t water their fields and fruit trees after the reservoir was destroyed.

    Because of the lack of water villagers can only stay at the village for a few months in a year.


    Recently Turkish soldiers barred a group of journalists from entering the village. Our correspondent in the area was among the group and had to contribute this story with the information that he gathered via telephone.

    The villagers also shot an amateur video of the single fountain in Kursunlu.

    The villagers say they will continue to resist and will not leave Kursunlu again despite they are deprived of water.

    Source: ANF AMED 02-10-2017


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