Old barn owls don’t have hearing loss

This video says about itself:

What’s the secret to why barn owls don’t lose their hearing?

19 September 2017

Scientists conduct first hearing test of its kind.

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By Helen Thompson, 7:05pm, September 19, 2017:

Old barn owls aren’t hard of hearing

Barn owl ears age well. Unlike other animals, the birds don’t suffer from hearing loss as a hallmark of aging, a new study suggests.

Beyond people, age-related hearing loss has been documented in mice, gerbils and chinchillas. Those deficits are linked to deterioration of the tiny hair cells that line the sensory layer of the eardrum. But some evidence hints that birds may not suffer from dips in hearing.

Bianca Krumm and her colleagues at the University of Oldenburg in Germany tested the ear sensitivity of seven barn owls (Tyto alba) grouped by age. There weren’t significant differences in what 2-year-old owls could hear versus those age 13 or older, suggesting the birds’ ears remain intact despite age, the researchers conclude September 20 in Proceedings of the Royal Society B.

While the exact mechanism for this apparent ear agelessness remains elusive, the researchers suspect that the birds must continuously regenerate sensory ear tissue — a process that wanes with age in other species.

Saving barn owls with poles along roads: here.

Building a barn owl nest box: here.

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