21 thoughts on “Amazon.com censors criticism of Hillary Clinton’s book

  1. The People’s Email Network, PO Box 35022, L.A., CA 90035

    During the last election campaign a considerable number of people
    emailed us incessantly, telling us how much they hated Bernie
    Sanders, and how he should go straight to hell, even after Clinton
    had secured the Democratic nomination.

    And we would respond to their deaf ears that they were literally
    dooming the chances of their own chosen candidate, by going out of
    their way to alienate their best potential policy allies, and
    spitefully and gratuitously so.

    Bernie of course campaigned hard for Hillary. He did what he could.

    But you would never know it from her tell nothing book, blaming him
    for gently pointing out her conspicuous flaws as a candidate, as if
    nobody would have otherwise noticed. As if Trump would never have
    attacked her character if Bernie had not politely asked if we could
    see her Wall Street speeches.

    How quickly she has forgotten her own applause for Bernie when he
    declared “enough of the damn emails.” Trump himself called Bernie
    stupid in the moment for taking that off the table in the Democratic

    “I was on my way to winning before . . . ” now claims Hillary,
    blaming everybody but herself. Correction, at best Hillary was on her
    way to a nail biter, just as we sadly predicted.

    And why was that? How about the worst corporate VP pick possible,
    when either Bernie as a running mate, which we were pushing for once
    she won the nomination, or even Elizabeth Warren, would have swept
    her into the White House in landslide? Wanna know how much Kaine
    helped the ticket? On election night even his home state of VA was in

    How about her refusal to take a position on the TPP, about the most
    unpopular proposal out there, in her platform? And those are just
    some of the things she could have done differently during the
    campaign itself, leaving all past baggage aside.

    Based on her own campaign decisions, Hillary was at best on her way
    to an interminable crucifixion at the hands of a Congress STILL
    controlled by the Republicans. It was not just Trump chanting “lock
    her up,” this was the entire right wing echo chamber, and it had been
    going on nonstop for decades.

    Hillary was on her way to winning until Hillary happened.

    Was Comey NOT supposed to investigate questionable stuff. That was
    the complain Trump had himself against Comey as the reason for firing

    The irony is that it is now Trump who is being crucified, and boy
    howdy to that, at the hands of Robert Mueller and his nightmare team
    of seasoned prosecutors.

    “I guess people just don’t like me,” now says Clinton, as if it’s all
    their fault, not hers. Lucky she was running against someone ever
    MORE disliked than herself. And she STILL could not win. Being hated
    by more people than anyone else sure didn’t stop him, did it now?

    “It was the sexism and the misogyny,” laments Clinton. Oh, really?
    How is it then that Hillary lost the vote of white women in this
    election? Are women the “bros” now too??

    Russia spent what, $100,000 on facebook? How was a billion dollars in
    corporate Hillary campaign money chest supposed to compete with that?

    So where does this all leave us?

    The real lesson to be learned from this campaign is that Democrats
    lose by running as Republicans. And the person pointing the way to
    path of victory REMAINS Bernie Sanders.

    This week Bernie introduced a systematic plan to transition to a full
    single payer system. There is a compelling majority of the American
    people available to rally behind this program, to put the . . . wait
    for it . . . DEMOCRATS back in political power, on this one issue
    alone. All the other potential presidential candidates have signed on
    as co-sponsors, because they recognize that this is the wave of the

    But Bernie himself is providing the leadership we so desperately need
    most of all. That is why we continue to stand with Bernie, and will
    forever. Get your own cap and stand with us.

    Bernie Forever caps: https://www.utalk.us/?g=2:F

    And please submit this action page for Medicare For All NOW if you
    have not done so already. And most importantly, use the social media
    buttons at the top of this page to share it with everyone else you
    know, and do that over and over as much as you can.

    Medicare For All NOW action page:



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