South Koreans keep opposing Trump’s missiles

This video from South Korea says about itself:

7 September 2017

At least 38 people were left wounded as protesters clashed with police at a demonstration in the South Korean village of Soseong-ri, Thursday, as residents demonstrated against the deployment of the four remaining anti-missile THAAD launchers 217km (135 miles) south of Seoul. Of those injured, 21 have reportedly been admitted to hospital.

By James Tweedie:

Korea: Activists fight on after delivery of Thaad launchers

Wednesday 13th September 2017

SOUTH KOREANS vowed more protests against US anti-ballistic missiles sited in their country yesterday while North Korea remained defiant in the face of new sanctions.

At a press conference in Soseong-ri village in Seongju county, local campaigners against the deployment of the Thaad missiles said they would keep fighting after the final four of six launchers were delivered last week.

Eight thousand riot police were deployed against 500 protesters blocking the road to the golf course where the Thaad battery has been set up.

The Anti-Thaad Association said 100 demonstrators were injured in tussles with police, five seriously.

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