Tony Blair anti-immigrant workers, anti-Brexit voters’ decision

This video from the USA says about itself:

New Report Finds Tony Blair Schemed With Bush To Invade Iraq

8 July 2016

An official investigation known as The Chilcot Report into how Tony Blair led Great Britain into war reveals that he and George W Bush conspired to bring their countries to a war of aggression based on faulty intelligence, lies and assumptions. Blair sent Bush a note promising loyalty.

Jimmy Dore breaks it down.

By Peter Lazenby in Britain:

Blair rebuked over Brexit nonsense

Monday 11th September 2017

McCluskey attacks ‘out of touch’ ex-PM over immigration stance

TONY BLAIR stuck his nose into the Brexit debate yesterday, saying the referendum result should be ignored and demanding a clampdown on immigration.

The former prime minister also called for unemployed immigrants to be denied NHS treatment.

His comments brought a swift rebuke from Unite general secretary Len McCluskey, who said Mr Blair “misses the point” about immigrant workers, whose abuse by “greedy bosses” leads to the undercutting of wages and working conditions.

Mr McCluskey argued that only a proper regulation of the jobs market could stop the abuse when Britain leaves the European Union.

He also described Mr Blair as “yesterday’s man,” adding: “He’s as out of touch now as he was in 2004.

“He doesn’t address the idea because what Tony Blair and the New Labour government were a part of, and certainly what the Conservatives have continued, is creating this race-to-the-bottom culture within our society rather than a rate-for-the-job society.”

Mr Blair spoke after publishing a paper calling for tough new rules which would give Britain more control over immigration without leaving the EU — disregarding the referendum result.

He claimed that the only way to make a success of Brexit was to turn Britain into a low-tax, low-regulation country competing with the EU.

And he attacked Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, asserting that a Corbyn-led government would be a “serious problem” for Britain.

He said: “And the risk is actually that we have a Brexit followed by, I’m afraid, an unreconstructed leftist programme from Labour, and if you combine those two things together, in my view we will be in a very serious situation as a country.”

Mr Blair commended the way Mr Corbyn fought the general election, but added: “That doesn’t make that programme right.”

Communist Party of Britain general secretary Rob Griffiths said: “This is yet another ruse to block and reverse the democratic referendum result.

Blair and his big-business allies refuse to recognise that for many people, leaving the EU is more an issue of national sovereignty than of immigration.”

UK: Tony Blair calls for anti-immigration policies to stop Brexit: here.

The exclusive survey for The Independent by BMG Research showed some 60 per cent of people believe “important domestic issues” are being ignored by ministers as Brexit relentlessly diverts their attention, with problems faced by the NHS and the housing market consistently appearing in surveys of voter concerns: here.

14 thoughts on “Tony Blair anti-immigrant workers, anti-Brexit voters’ decision

  1. The role model of the extreme centre: Blair on Brexit

    The Brexit debate is at its height but no one really knows what the government is doing. Step forward Tony Blair, who is going to tell us.

    He has a plan, which is that there has to be a way to renegotiate a deal with the EU effectively to stay in – or at least to stay in the single market but without free movement of labour. In his usual style, there is not a hint either of humility or principle about Blair. If only everyone really saw things like him, then things would be ok. And he really doesn’t mind using the old dog whistle politics about immigration, although in the nicest possible way. Twice on the Andrew Marr show, he referred to controls of non-EU migrants being where most concern was. His plan to restrict free movement shows his priorities – the maintenance of the neoliberal free market with all that entails.

    He also made clear that his worst nightmare would be Brexit, plus what he called an ‘unreconstructed’ left Labour government committed to redistributive policies and public ownership. What he means is a government committed to improving the lives of ordinary people and spending on health, education, and housing. It is increasingly becoming clear that Brexit isn’t just about Brexit, it’s about how society is going to be organized. We know what the Tories want – their plan is to enforce low wage, light regulation jobs, more privatization, and trade deals which will be led by these sorts of principles. Labour’s People’s Brexit allows a different way of operating where Brexit can be used to improve the lives and conditions of working people. This has to be paramount, not the sort of remain-lite policies which Keir Starmer is pushing.

    It seems to me disastrous to follow a policy which will in any way look as though it is calling for a second referendum, as Blair really wants, or even a long period when nothing happens. This would be bad both because it would affect Labour electorally but also because it is profoundly undemocratic. People have had decades of politicians ignoring their wishes (not least Blair, of course) and this is a major source of discontent. The best way of fueling that – and allowing the far right to grow – would be to disdain their view over the referendum.

    Yet that is exactly what many Labour MPs would like to do. Instead, there should be a serious debate about a People’s Brexit, a defence of the right of people from wherever they originate to come to this country, and an assault on the policies of inequality and private wealth that this government (and Blair) stand for.

    Meanwhile, if we want to see what can go wrong, check out Nigel Farage speaking at an election meeting of Alternativ fur Deutschland, hosted by the granddaughter of one of Hitler’s ministers. They look to gain seats in Germany’s upcoming election. More anti-immigration, anti-Muslim racism. Good luck and solidarity to the comrades in Die Linke, also standing, and to all those protesting against this bunch.

    Lindsey German


  2. Saturday 16th September 2017

    posted by Morning Star in Britain

    BREXIT voters felt the Liberal Democrats were treating them like idiots, senior MP Norman Lamb said yesterday, warning that his party risked looking like a single-issue pressure group.

    Mr Lamb said the Lib Dems, who have just 12 MPs, needed to “start thinking again,” coming up with ideas to address the concerns of voters who often felt powerless in the face of bureaucracy and large corporations.

    The former Con-Dem coalition minister, whose North Norfolk constituency voted Leave in last year’s referendum, said the Lib Dems should to be prepared to point out the EU’s faults and understand why people had voted to get out.

    Ahead of the party’s annual conference, which opens in Bournemouth today, Mr Lamb criticised the tactic of putting opposition to Brexit at the heart of the Lib Dems’ general election campaign under former leader Tim Farron.

    “A lot of people felt that we were treating them as if they were idiots for having voted for Brexit,” he said.

    “And yet, as liberals, we ought to understand people’s anxieties about remote power.”


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