Protecting nest boxes from predators

This video from the USA says about itself:

Bluebird predator guards – protect your Bluebird nest

9 July 2013

Here are a few cost-effective ways to keep snakes, raccoons, feral cats and possums from destroying your Bluebird nest.

Learn more here.

From the NestWatch eNewsletter in the USA, September 2017:

Predator Guards: The Verdict Is In

To NestWatchers, it might seem obvious that nest boxes should be protected with predator guards for the best possible chance at success. However, no one has formally tested whether predator guards make a tangible difference in nesting outcomes for songbirds at a large spatial scale. Furthermore, no one has tested which of the popular styles is best (although everyone has an opinion on this subject), or if having more than one is even better. And are there any species which don’t reap the benefits?

We are thrilled to announce the publication of a new ground-breaking study by NestWatch wherein we analyzed more than 24,000 records submitted by participants to answer these questions. After nearly 50 years of speculation on the topic, read our results in the latest NestWatch Blog post.

2 thoughts on “Protecting nest boxes from predators

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