Germany’s new economy, new poverty

This video says about itself:

‘The Model Economy’ in Germany is Growing a Class of Working Poor

9 September 2017

General election campaign is in full swing in Germany but little attention is being paid to the high proportion of working poor explains economist Heiner Flassbeck.

Last Wednesday, the German government presented its “Germany Atlas.” The report confirms that despite economic growth, social and economic inequality is deep-seated in the country. The study “Unequal Germany” from May 2019, presented by the SPD-affiliated Friedrich Ebert Foundation (FES), had already made clear that a large proportion of the German population live in regions with severe structural problems. In such regions the incomes of private households are low, municipalities are heavily in debt, the numbers of welfare recipients and low-income earners is increasing, together with poverty amongst seniors. Many rural areas lack access to public transport, doctors, hospitals and the Internet: here.

3 thoughts on “Germany’s new economy, new poverty

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