Beautiful Panama wildlife video

This video says about itself:

Panama: Pristine 1h footage in 4K of Soberania’s stunning wildlife

One hour extended footage in 4K of birds and wildlife filmed in the Soberania National Park area of the beautiful country of Panama.


American goldfinch on video

This video from the USA says about itself:

10 September 2017

A male American Goldfinch in all its splendor spends some quality time in front of the camera – taking a break from the finch feeder. Summer is almost over and you can begin to see a little fading of the bright yellow that is the hallmark of these gorgeous little birds. The bad little birds acting up are Dark Eyed Juncos – starting to see a lot of them lately. They are cute little tubby birds in their own way.

Spotless starling video

This is a spotless starling video.

I saw these birds in Spain.

‘Moderate’ racist German politician hates Roma

This video says about itself:

German weekend football dominated by AfD chief’s ‘racist’ Boateng comment

30 May 2016

There is local pride in the Berlin district where [African-]German international footballer Jerome Boateng grew up.

But his and Germany’s performance on the pitch at the weekend were overshadowed by the furore following allegedly racist comments by the deputy chief of the right-wing AfD (Alternative for Germany) party.

The newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Sontagszeitung claims that Alexander Gauland, 75, said that Germans thought he was a good footballer but did not want him as a neighbour.

Read more here.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

The German [right-wing] newspaper Welt am Sonntag says its has an email in which AfD party leader Alice Weidel describes Arabs, Sinti and Roma as “uncivilised people that we are swamped with”. The letter states that “enemies of the constitution [who govern us]” are doing that for the “systematic destruction of bourgeois society”.

The Merkel government is described as “nothing more than puppets of the Allies in World War II, who have the task of keeping the German people subjected by foreign infiltration inducing molecular civil war in urban areas.” The members of the government are called “pigs”. …

Weidel was relatively unknown until recently but became part of the party leadership after party president Frauke Petry was sidelined after a battle with the far right wing of the party. She is supposedly the liberal face of the AfD, which is pronouncedly anti-Islam.

The 100% neonazis in the AfD party were dissatisfied that under Ms Petry, the party was only 50% neonazi. So they replaced Petry with two party leaders: Alexander Gauland of the racist footballer Boateng comment, clearly further to the right than Petry, and supposedly ‘moderate’ Ms Weidel. Ms Weidel is supposedly moderate for being lesbian while the party platform is homophobic.

Now it turns out that to be a ‘moderate’ racist like Ms Weidel is a bit like being ‘moderately pregnant’.

Ms Weidel is an ex-investment banker and a member of the Friedrich A. von Hayek-Gesellschaft. This organisation was originally founded to promote the pro-Big Business ideas of Austrian economist Friedrich A. von Hayek. But, according to their former president, Ms Karen Horn, who resigned in protest, the organisation at first only attacked socialist and Keynesian economists, but then extended the attacks to ‘democracy, feminism, pluralism, homosexuality and atheism‘.

Not only Ms Weidel, but at least two other prominent AfD politicians are Friedrich A. von Hayek-Gesellschaft members. They are Peter Boehringer and Lady Beatrix von Storch, née Duchess of Oldenburg, the granddaughter of Hitler’s finance minister and convicted war criminal Count Schwerin von Krosigk.

Von Hayek’s Mont Pelerin society and other right-wing pressure groups: here.

Meet Alice Weidel, the Former Goldman Sachs Banker and Lesbian Leader of Germany’s Far-right. Since its founding in 2013, the euroskeptic AfD led by Weidel, has sparked concern and controversy in Germany, even going as far as a court case in which it was deemed legal for a comedian to refer to Weidel as a ‘Nazi slut’: here.

Bird crime in Malta, videos

This BirdLife Malta video says about itself:

4 September 2017

After only three days of the 2017 autumn hunting season, we already have the first known victim – an injured European Bee-eater (Qerd in-Naħal) which was shot at Ħal Għaxaq yesterday.

The shot bird – a protected species – was found by people enjoying a Sunday walk yesterday evening. It was found crawling on the ground unable to fly. After being recovered by BirdLife Malta yesterday, this morning it was taken to the vet’s clinic for a veterinary visit. An X-ray was taken and it confirmed a fracture to bird’s right wing as a result of shotgun injury. The vet recommended the bird for rehabilitation with the hope that it is saved.

The Bee-eater is a bird which can easily be distinguished thanks to its pointed, downcurved bill, long pointed wings and tail but above all its rich exotic colours and bright plumage. It is a specialist in catching flying insects and is a common migrant with large flocks seen daily during autumn and spring.

Footage by Antaia Christou, Simon Hoggett and Alice Tribe. Editing by Nathaniel Attard.

This BirdLife Malta video says about itself:

8 September 2017

This Grey Heron (Russett Griż) was found with blood in the football grounds of De La Salle College. The protected bird was found still alive but died a few moments later.

As is normally done in such cases the bird was taken to the veterinarian who confirmed that the protected bird was illegally shot and ended up a victim of illegal hunting. The bird had a shotgun injury to the wing and one of its legs was broken too.

This incident in the grounds of De La Salle College is very similar to the April 2015 case in which a shot protected bird landed in the yard of St Edward’s College in Cottonera (which is very near to De La Salle) while the school children were on their break. At the time this had led Prime Minister Joseph Muscat to close the hunting season prematurely.

The illegally shot Grey Heron in Vittoriosa is the third victim of this year’s autumn hunting season which has only been open for a week. During the past days BirdLife Malta received two shot European Bee-eaters which were retrieved by members of the public in two separate incidents, one in Għaxaq and the other in Dwejra (Malta).

Footage by BirdLife Malta, editing by Nathaniel Attard.

This BirdLife Malta video says about itself:

8 September 2017

On September 8th, BirdLife Malta was contacted by members of the public to retrieve two shot birds in one day, both of them herons – a protected species.

After the Grey Heron collected from De La Salle school grounds in the morning, a Night Heron (Kwakka) was retrieved from Mġarr ix-Xini in Gozo. Both birds were confirmed shot thus becoming the third and fourth known victims of the 2017 autumn hunting season.

The vet certified the Night Heron collected from Gozo as having been shot in the wing and in the eye. Unfortunately the protected bird, which was retrieved alive, did not make it and succumbed to the shotgun injuries it suffered.

The bird was discovered by 16-year old Sol Pearson, a Xewkija resident, while walking in a nearby valley.

Footage and editing by Nathaniel Attard.