Nazi church bell in Germany, mayor resigns

Nazi church bell in Herxheim, Germany

Besides the issue of pro-slavery Confederate secessionist generals’ statues and church windows in the USA, there is the issue of nazi paraphernalia in Germany, as this photo shows.

The inscription on the bell says (translated) ‘Everything for the fatherland. Adolf Hitler‘; with a nazi swastika underneath.

By the way, Dutch fascist Arnold Meijer was arrested in 1945 for collaboration with the German nazi occupiers. He escaped and wrote a book with, in Dutch, the same title as the Hitler quote on the church bell: ‘Alles voor het Vaderland’ to defend his behaviour during the occupation.

The church bell is in Saint James church in Herxheim am Berg town in Germany, ever since 1934. There had been a fire, destroying older church bells. The nazi government then paid for the new nazi church bell. Though it is in the local Protestant church, it was and still is local authority property.

Dutch NOS TV reports today:

After reports about nazi memorabilia in the German army, a former organist of the church [Ms Sigrid Peters] told local media on the existence of the clock. “[Out of the church], to a museum with it”, was her recommendation.

However, the mayor of Herxheim, Ronald Becker, said the nazi bell should stay, as he was ‘proud of it’. He quoted a 95-year-old who said not everything was bad about the nazi regime.

After many people reacted indignantly to that, Mayor Becker has now resigned.

Update, February 2018: here.

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