Leiden botanical garden plants

Drynaria pleuridioides, 13 August 2017

As this blog mentioned, on 13 August 2017 we saw the carnivorous plants exhibition in the botanical garden in Leiden. Outside the exhibition hall were interesting plants as well. Like this Drynaria pleuridioides, which is a species from Asia, and other fern species in one of the hothouses.

Drynaria pleuridioides, on 13 August 2017

All photos in this blog post are macro lens photos.

Bulbophyllum medusae, 13 August 2017

Another species in the hothouses was Asian as well; an orchid, not a fern: Bulbophyllum medusae.

Among other orchids in the hothouses were Trichoglossis geminata and Dendrobium bracteosum.

Yet another species in the hothouses was not a plant at all, but an insect: giant prickly stick insects from Australia were still present.

Sacred lotus, 13 August 2017

Outside, there was a small pond in the Chinese garden. Sacred lotus growing there.

Sacred lotus flower, 13 August 2017

With sacred lotus flowers …

Sacred lotus ex-flower, 13 August 2017

sacred lotus ex-flowers …

Sacred lotus bud, 13 August 2017

and sacred lotus buds.

Botanical garden, 13 August 2017

A bit further, a speckled wood butterfly.

We went back from the botanical garden, and saw some birds. So, stay tuned!

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