Wild California condor visits man who saved it

This video from the USA says about itself:

Large condor regularly visits man who saved its life as a baby

13 June 2017

The condor was nursed back to health by the man after the bird fell from his mother’s nest as a baby.

And the condor clearly didn’t forget his rescuer, as video footage shows the pair greeting each other with hugs and one big warm embrace, after the condor returned.

After being rescued, the condor – the largest bird in North America – was then able to learn how to fly and return to normal life.

It is not unusual for the condor to fly back and visit its rescuer, and according to locals the bird is said to return to visit the man fairly frequently.

7 thoughts on “Wild California condor visits man who saved it

  1. Wow. This is one of the most beautiful and enjoyable videos I’ve ever seen. It’s amazing that the condor remembered the man and visited him. Absolutely amazing. It has to cause people to reassess the intelligence of animals. Think about it . This bird might be more intelligent than a human being who supports donald trump. Seriously.


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