London Grenfell Tower survivors not getting money donated for them

This video from London, England is called 1 July 2017 Tories Out demonstrationJustice for Grenfell” chant.

By Steve Sweeney in Britain:

Grenfell survivors still waiting for two-thirds of charity cash

Saturday 19th August 2018

GRENFELL survivors have received less than a third of the millions of pounds collected by fundraisers, the Charity Commission said yesterday.

New data showed that almost half of the £19,018,782 raised for those affected by the west London tower block fire has been sent to distributing organisations.

However just £5,822,500 of this has reached survivors, bereaved families and those displaced from their homes following the tragedy.

Although this figure is up £2.8 million from last week, 158 families are still living in emergency accommodation more than two months after the blaze.

At least 80 people are known to have died in the fire with many more missing presumed dead. Next-of-kin of those missing or dead, people who required hospital treatment and every household of Grenfell Tower and Grenfell Walk are entitled to set payments.

However there have been difficulties in accessing the funds, particularly for those with English as a second language who require assistance in filling out the necessary forms.

Organisations involved in collecting money claimed some of the funds are being held back pending discussions on how to distribute the cash.

The biggest sums set to be distributed are almost £4m from the Evening Standard’s Dispossessed Fund and just over £2.5m from the Kensington and Chelsea Foundation.

Registrar of charities in England and Wales David Holdsworth said: “We are pleased that a further £3m has reached survivors and those affected by this terrible tragedy in the last week, and that further funds will be distributed in the coming days.

“Some challenges still remain but it is important that the charities continue to work with the community and that the remaining funds are made available to meet their short, medium and longer term needs.”

SURVIVORS of the Grenfell Tower disaster, residents of the building and the families of those who died can be core participants in the inquiry, its chairman Sir Martin MooreBick announced yesterday. Mr Moore-Bick said applications must be made in writing by September 8: here.

LEDBURY Estate tenants are still paying rent for their unsafe homes despite the lack of running hot water, heating or cooking facilities after the gas was switched off last week over safety fears. Five hundred residents on the south-east London estate have been living without basic facilities since an investigation into the structure of the blocks revealed that they could collapse in the event of a gas explosion: here.

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