23 thoughts on “Hungry school children in the USA

  1. This is not only a problem the capitalist U.S.A. tries to hid for the outside world. In Western Europe we may find the poverty growing whilst the parliamentarians are taking care their pockets are well filled and that the populations is squeezed out like a lemon even more by more and more taxes.


  2. Thank you for posting! Can you imagine if the children of the politicians had to spend one week living without sufficient food? It honestly breaks my heart that this country is currently allowing hunger and is ready to let all these children starve, literally starve. Meanwhile paying billions for military. I could go on and on, but I won’t. I will say once more thank you because I want to believe it’s lack of knowing the existence or extent of starvation amongst children in this country that continues to the cycle. Since they still don’t have clean water in Flint, MI I’m going to assume that unfortunately the people that could change it just don’t give a fig.


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