Guam Catholic archbishops’ child sex abuse scandal

This video says about itself:

Sexual Abuse Allegations in Guam Devestate Catholics

3 October 2016

Allegations that the island’s archbishop molested altar boys decades ago have divided churchgoers in Guam, and put the governor in a difficult spot. Catholicism is sewn deeply into the Spanish-influenced culture of this small island, where families consider close relationships with priests a blessing.

Governor Eddie Calvo signed a bill into law last month, eliminating the two-year statute of limitations for suing over sexual abuse on the island. The signing of the bill opened the church up to millions in liability on the island. Archbishop Anthony Apuron has vigorously denied allegations saying he molested at least five altar boys in the 1960s and 70s. Churchgoers are torn between supporting the church, with some like Andrew Camacho, who is vice president of Concerned Catholics of Guam, saying the church needs to take responsibility, even if it means financial ruin.

REPORT UNCOVERS NEARLY 100 SEX ABUSE LAWSUITS AGAINST THE CATHOLIC LEADERSHIP IN GUAM Two archbishops of Agana, as well as multiple priests, bishops, teachers and even Boy Scouts leaders on the Western Pacific island are allegedly implicated in the scandal. [HuffPost]

This video says about itself:

Concerned Catholics of Guam challenging payments to accused priest

4 August 2016

The Concerned Catholics of Guam group is questioning why a priest accused of child sex abuse is still getting paid by the Archdiocese of Agana. As a matter of fact, the CCOG has been questioning the alleged actions of this priest since January 2015.

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