Climate change damaging USA

This video from the USA says about itself:

A Message to Trump from Climate Scientists

18 January 2017

Before the AGU meeting I read John Abraham’s articleTrump begins filling environmental posts with clowns’ in which he made the following point:

“Or Trump could attend the world’s largest geophysics meeting, which occurs in just a few weeks (American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting). He could walk around with a TV camera and a clipboard. Ask any random 10 scientists any question on climate change. Let’s see how their answers compare to the information he is going to get from his handpicked insiders.”

Trump most likely would never do this. Nor can I possibly know what kind of questions he would ask if he did visit the AGU Fall Meeting. But I can ask scientists what their message to Trump would be if they had a chance to speak to him. That one paragraph from Abraham’s article inspired me to do just that. During the Fall Meeting I asked several scientists what their message would be and compiled their responses into this video.

FEDERAL SCIENTISTS’ REPORT ARGUES CLIMATE CHANGE IS ALREADY HAVING A DRAMATIC IMPACT IN THE U.S. The release of the report, which highlights dramatic temperature changes in the U.S., hinges on the Trump administration‘s approval — so a copy was leaked early. [HuffPost]

By E.P. Milligan and Aaron Murch in the USA:

Flooding in New Orleans points to climate change, poor infrastructure

8 August 2017

New Orleans experienced flooding on Saturday across large swaths of the city after a heavy rainstorm passed over it.

The system dumped up to 10 inches of rain in some portions of the city over a three-hour span. The event has demonstrated once again that New Orleans’s infrastructure is in utter disarray, once again leaving the city unprepared for the year’s hurricane season, which began on June 1 and officially ends on November 30.

Flood waters reportedly have damaged structures and vehicles in Mid-City and Treme, as well as in Lakeview to the North. All three neighborhoods are located in some of the lowest areas of the city, in large part comprising working class neighborhoods. The flooding shut down major roadways, including multiple lane closures on the city’s interstate system. Many areas of the city still remained flooded into Sunday, with emergency responders and city officials towing abandoned vehicles and engaging in cleanup operations. Luckily, no deaths were reported.

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