Rescued octopus thanks rescuers

One octopus species can come on land. The other octopus species cannot survive that. Still, something special can happen with them …

This video says about itself:

Rescued octopus came back to thank us

2 December 2014

We spent our holidays at the Red Sea. While walking along a lonely beach we saw a stranded octopus in the sand. We were not sure if he was already dead. So we pushed him back into the water. He needed some minutes to recover, then he swam away.

Next day we went to the same beach for a walk. While walking along the beach we saw a shadow in the water coming very quickly to us. It was our octopus we rescued yesterday! He recognized us! He accompanied us for a long time while we walked along the beach, all the time he tried to touch our feet.

We are sure that this octopus came back to thank us for saving his life. It’s amazing how intelligent animals are.

Researchers who’ve gotten the first look at a deep-sea ‘dumbo’ octopod hatchling report that the young octopods look and act much like adults from the moment they emerge from an egg capsule. Dumbo octopods are so named because their fins resemble Dumbo the elephant’s ears: here.

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