Berlin, Germany artists against nazi swastikas

This video says about itself:

Paintback‘: Berlin artists change swastikas into art

23 August 2016

No chance for Nazi symbols – German artists start campaign to transform swastikas.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV 3 August 2017:

Making art of a Nazi symbol. That might sound crazy, but in Berlin, more than twenty big swastikas have disappeared from the street scene. Armed with graffiti, a group of young street artists are hunting swastikas.

Ibo Omari, 37, is the leader of the group and devised the #Paintback initiative last year. “By not removing the swastika but changing them into something loving or funny, we try to make people aware of racism.”

According to the graffiti artist, awareness is needed. “I see that xenophobia in Germany has increased in recent years.”

#Paintback was originally intended as a local project for young street artists, but is currently attracting worldwide attention. “I get messages from Russia, Spain and Italy from people who support our action.” …

Under the leadership of Ibo, a young group of street artists now goes new ways to change swastikas into art. “For example, we have changed a swastika into a bunny or two kissing men.”

The action of Ibo is original, but not new. The 71-year-old German Irmela Schramm has been removing nazi symbols for thirty years. Ibo with #Paintback worked with her and called her the grandmother of the project.

The elderly activist was charged several times for vandalism.

35 thoughts on “Berlin, Germany artists against nazi swastikas

  1. Saturday 5th August 2017

    posted by Morning Star in Sport

    Polish football club Legia Warsaw were facing a disciplinary charge from Uefa yesterday after its fans displayed a vast banner commemorating Poles killed by the nazis.

    Legia fans displayed the banner, which was the width of an entire stand, during Wednesday’s Champions League qualifier against Kazakh team FC Astana.

    It marked the Warsaw Uprising of 1944, when Polish resistance fighters captured large parts of the capital city but were eventually crushed by occupying German forces.

    Along with a picture of a German soldier with a gun to the head of a child, the banner said 160,000 people were killed during the uprising and “thousands of them were children.”


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