Dutch colonial mass murder in Sulawesi, Indonesia

This video says about itself:

Apocalypse now! Captain Westerling

8 December 2016

Raymond Pierre Paul Westerling (31 August 1919 – 26 November 1987), nicknamed the Turk, was a Dutch military officer of the KNIL (Royal Netherlands East Indies Army). He waged a massacre in Sulawesi during the Indonesian National Revolution after World War II. He was also responsible for a coup attempt against the Indonesian government in January 1950, a month after the official transfer of sovereignty. Both actions were denounced as war crimes by the Indonesian authorities.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV:

‘More victims of mass executions in Sulawesi in 1947′

Today, 08:52

During mass executions by Dutch soldiers in Sulawesi, more Indonesians died in 1947 than was known so far. This is the conclusion of journalist Manon van den Brekel after months of investigation in the Indonesian island. According to her, not 1,200 but 1550 Indonesians were executed by troops led by the officers Jan Vermeulen, Jan Stufkens and Berthold Rijborz.

Van den Brekel, who works for De Correspondent site and others, concludes this in a new book about Dutch actions in Indonesia in the late 1940’s. On evidence of witnesses, she found five places of mass executions about which nothing could be found in Dutch official archives. She also found a place about which “summary information” was available in the Dutch National Archives.

The executions took place between mid-January and mid-February 1947. During that same period, also the infamous [self-styled war criminal] Captain Raymond Westerling participated in “purifications” in Sulawesi, which also executed people summarily, with the agreement of the Dutch government.

These actions are also estimated to have cost hundreds of Indonesians their lives, although the executions under Westerling’s leadership have never been investigated thoroughly, as has now been done with the actions of Vermeulen, Stufkens and Rijborz.

‘Many more witnesses’

Van den Brekel says to the NOS that she was amazed at the number of villagers on Sulawesi that could recall the events. She spoke for her research with over 90 witnesses, the youngest of whom was 75 years old. “But there were more.”

NOS correspondent Michel Maas sees the new execution figure as a footnote. “The Dutch army was guilty for a lot more executions than has been admitted,” he says. Indonesia says that there were 40,000 victims just in Sulawesi.

Dutch colonial murders in Palembang, Sumatra, Indonesia: here.

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  3. 14 september, Amsterdam: kick-off bijeenkomst over onderzoek naar koloniale oorlog tegen Indonesië

    Onder het motto “Overbodig of hard nodig?” vindt op 14 september in Amsterdam een kick-off bijeenkomst plaats over het komende vierjarige onderzoek “Dekolonisatie, geweld en oorlog in Indonesië 1945-1950”. Dat onderzoek gaat uitgevoerd worden door het Koninklijk Instituut voor Taal-, Land- en Volkenkunde (KITLV), het Nederlands Instituut voor Militaire Historie (NIMH) en het Instituut voor Oorlogs-, Holocaust- en Genocidestudies (NIOD). De directeuren van die drie instituten gaan daarbij in gesprek met “voor- en tegenstanders over nut en noodzaak van verder onderzoek naar de dekolonisatieoorlog”. Andere sprekers zijn de historicus Esther Captain, de journalist Anne-Lot Hoek, de schrijver John Jansen van Galen, oud-directeur van Museum Maluku Wim Manuhutu, en Rémy Limpach, auteur van het boek “De brandende kampongs van generaal Spoor”. Een kritische anti-koloniale visie op het onderzoek blijkt hoogst noodzakelijk. Bijeenkomst. Donderdag 14 september. Vanaf 19:30 uur. Pakhuis de Zwijger, Piet Heinkade 179, Amsterdam. Lees meer:



  4. Dutch study on the colonial war in Indonesia: “The students mark their own homework”

    or more than ten years Jeffry Pondaag, chairman of the Komite Utang Kehormatan Belanda (Foundation Committee of Dutch Debts of Honour), has been successfully suing the Dutch State together with lawyer Liesbeth Zegveld and victims of the colonial war in Indonesia. Due to these lawsuits it has become increasingly difficult for the Dutch state to hush up the colonial violence committed during this war. 2016 marked the release of the groundbreaking research “De brandende kampongs van generaal Spoor” (“General Spoor’s burning villages”), written by researcher Rémy Limpach, which emphasized the structural nature of that violence. Cornered by the increasing pressure the Dutch government announced an additional study on the period. Reason for us to get in touch with Pondaag, who is a fierce critic of the white Dutch perspective of that research. Read more:



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  6. Francisca Pattipilohy: “De illegaliteit van de Nederlandse bezetting wordt niet onderzocht” (met video)

    Vanavond bij de bijeenkomst in Pakhuis de Zwijger over het onderzoek naar de koloniale oorlog tegen Indonesië zal ook Jeffry Pondaag het woord voeren. Hij was met Francisca Pattipilohy initiatiefnemer van de open brief met een grote hoeveelheid bezwaren tegen het onderzoek “Dekolonisatie, geweld en oorlog in Indonesië, 1945-1950”. Tijdens zijn speech zal Pondaag ook een videoboodschap afspelen van Pattipilohy. Hieronder haar integrale tekst en daaronder de video van haar speech. Lees meer: https://www.doorbraak.eu/francisca-pattipilohy-de-illegaliteit-van-de-nederlandse-bezetting-wordt-niet-onderzocht/

    Flyer: onderzoek naar de koloniale oorlog is een zoethoudertje

    Vanavond bij de bijeenkomst in Pakhuis de Zwijger over het onderzoek naar de koloniale oorlog tegen Indonesië deelden activisten van Doorbraak onderstaande flyer uit. Lees meer: https://www.doorbraak.eu/flyer-onderzoek-naar-de-koloniale-oorlog-is-een-zoethoudertje/


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