Butterflies, dragonflies, birds in Dutch national park

Green-veined white butterflies, 30 July 2017

This photo shows two green-veined white butterflies mating. The photo is from a garden in Weerribben national park in the Netherlands; on 30 July 2017, the day we arrived there.

On the bank of the IJssel river near Zwolle city, we had seen Egyptian geese that day.

As we waited at the harbour of Kalenberg village, a robin sang.

In the garden, a greenfinch.

Along the bicycle trail back to Kalenberg, a sedge warbler sings.

Arrowhead flowering in the water.

Himalayan balsam flowering along the Kalenbergerpad bicycle trail.

At a place where in earlier times ducks used to be caught, called the Kloosterkooi, pondskaters in the water.

A red admiral butterfly.

We walk on a footpath. Supposedly, one needs wellingtons to walk it; but at least today it is not that muddy. A bridge crosses a small stream. Many spiders and their webs on the banks. At least one web is all the way from one bank to the opposite one.

Dragonfly female, 30 July 2017

A bit further, this female dragonfly. A common darter.

As we approach Kalenberg again, a grey heron. A meadow brown butterfly. A reed bunting.

Back at the garden. A blue tit at a feeder.

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