Trump’s militarist homophobia, parody song

This 27 July 2017 parody music video from Britain about the president of the USA is called The White Gripes – Cisgender Nation Army.

It is a parody of the song Seven Nation Army by the White Stripes.

It says about it itself:

Donald Trump announces his military ban of transgender people via the medium of a White Stripes cover.


I’m gonna ban the trans
Cisgender nation army is the way to go
I like to please my fans
Let’s send transgender folk to Mexico
I never served myself because my feet are as weird as my hands
But I don’t see how these guys can fight for us in foreign lands
We need the money for viagra and those marching military bands

Don’t be such a libtard
Did you know trans people are mentally ill?
If you say otherwise
Then you must be a Cultural Marxism shill
We’re all sick and tired of your identity politics
You may be willing to die for your country, but you cut off your dicks
You’re no better than those goddamn gooks or those Mexican spics

The move to expel transgender soldiers from the military is anti-democratic and oriented toward stoking up the most backward and fascistic elements. Moreover, it has ominous implications for transgender people in other aspects of society, legitimizing discrimination in jobs, education and access to services. In June, Defense Secretary James Mattis delayed by six months a decision on whether and how to accept new transgender recruits into the military. At the time, Mattis said that the delay “in no way presupposes the outcome.” Trump’s announcement appears to preclude openly transgender people from joining at all, and puts the status of currently serving transgender soldiers in jeopardy. Trump’s tweets link the anti-democratic decision to military and bogus financial considerations: here.

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