British Conservatives kowtow to Trump, parody song

This 26 July 2017 satiric music video from Britain is called Liam Fox – “Roll With It” (US trade deal version).

It is a parody of the song Roll With It by Oasis.

Liam Fox used to be the war … err … ‘Defence’ Secretary of Great Britain.  He then had to resign in disgrace because of a corruption scandal. Fox is in the Conservative party.

Then, he became a propagandist for the Bahraini dictatorship.

Now, he is back in Theresa May‘s wobbly government coalition with homophobia and terrorism as Secretary of State for International Trade.

The video says about itself:

The business-savvy new single from Liam Fox‘s Oasis tribute band.


We’ve got to roll with it, we must deregulate
We’ve got to trade with the States
Don’t let anybody get in our way
‘Cause right now there’s just too much red tape
They wash their chickens all in a big swimming pool
What they allow in their cows might raise British eyebrows
But these are minor details, you media snides
We’ve got to keep the Americans onside
Diplomacy is a dish best served deep-fried

I know the roads down which Brexit will lead
A strong ally is something we’ll still need
Kiss the Yanks, or else we’ll all be poor
Now eat your chlorinated chicken while
We stash the profits somewhere offshore

We’ve got to eat their beef and sing “Hail to the Chief
That Donald Trump knows a rump
Let’s purloin his sirloin, not as a thief
But as a valued trading partner

We’ve got to roll with it, the US will be pleased
Economy’s on its knees without their plastic cheese
I think we’ve got a trade deal that’s in our interests
Well, not for 99 per cent of you, but it is for the rest
Now every time you chow down on a chicken breast
You’ll know that you live in a dystopian West

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