Sri Lankan elephants saved from drowning

This video says about itself:

Sri Lanka NAVY rescues two elephants washed out to sea in Trincomalee

23 July 2017

A group of naval personnel attached to the Eastern Naval Command managed to rescue 2 elephants that were swept out to the sea, in between Round Island and Foul Point, Trincomalee this morning (July, 23).

The jumbos in troubled waters were first noticed by an Inshore Patrol Craft on routine sea patrol. Upon being alerted the Department of Wildlife in Trincomalee, a combined rescue mission was launched by the Navy and Wildlife officials to save these 2 wild elephants. Responding promptly to the situation, the Navy augmented the rescue mission by deploying 3 more Fast Attack Craft on patrol and a team of Navy Divers.

Accordingly, the mammoth effort of the rescue teams saw the two jumbos being carefully directed to the shore without causing any harm to the animals. Having safely guided the two elephants to the shore, they were subsequently released to the Foul Point jungle.

According to Dutch NOS TV, the boats arrived just in time, as the elephants had become tired and had a problem in staying above water.

And ten days earlier, this had happened:

13 July 2017

The Sri Lankan navy released dramatic footage of the moment it rescued a drowning elephant when the mammal was dragged out to sea by the current.

In saving these beautiful threatened Asian elephants, the Sri Lankan navy is doing a much better job than most navies in the world. Especially than the royal navy of Saudi Arabia, which blocks the ports of Yemen, causing many civilian deaths by famine and cholera, apart from the Saudi royal air force killing civilians again and again.

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