11 thoughts on “London Grenfell Tower disaster and inequality

  1. Dear Kitty,
    Greetings from the Grenfell Action Group and many thanks for the great depth, empathy and political sopthistication with which your correspondents have continued to cover all issues relating to the catastrophic fire at Grenfell Tower in West London. The fight for justice for the victims and survivors of Grenfell has only just begun, and we are extremely grateful for your continuing regular coverage that helps enormously to keep this tragedy and its political implications alive in the public mind. Long may you run!

    • Dear Grenfell Action Group,

      Thanks for your kind words! When I will find more Grenfell information I will post it to this blog.

      All the best for you, and for justice for all people impacted by this terrible fire!

    • Today, I had to replace the embedded videos from the Left Side of History YouTube channel on my blog; as YouTube had deleted them.

      I hope I have found all these now deleted videos and have replaced them well.

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