British Conservative government covers up racism

This video from the USA about Britain says about itself:

Akala on Racism Against Blacks in the U.K.

9 September 2016

Akala stopped by VladTV to talk with us about growing up bi-racial in the U.K., the differences between police brutality in the U.S. vs the U.K., and much much more. Akala let us know that being mixed in this day in age versus when he was a young child in the 1980’s was much different. “Now in the U.K. it’s very fashionable…to have mixed children is almost like a fashion accessory, in the 1980’s it very much wasn’t like that.. the 1980’s was the closest thing we had to a civil rights movement in the U.K…” Akala said his mother was even disowned by her family when she was pregnant with his oldest brother. “They told her to get rid of it… the nurses at the hospital, my mom needed a blood transfusion when my eldest sister was born… they promised to give her n**er blood.”

Akala moved to London as a child, so he doesn’t have too much recollection of the instances explained above, however, he has seen the change in the U.K. with the black community. “Being mixed in that era you didn’t really see yourself as mixed… you’re black.” To help explain the difference between the U.K. and the U.S. Akala let us know about the differences in gun laws. British police don’t have guns, but they have a unit of specialists who deal with the issues. “So if there is an incident involving a firearm, regular police do not respond… specifically the unit that has arms responds.” Just because the U.K. doesn’t have guns they had a lot of other issues. Akala explained that a lot of the laws put in place weren’t the greatest for lower-income people. “We had a set of laws in the early 70’s early 80’s called the SUS Laws… they meant you could be arrested on suspicion on committing a crime, you didn’t have to produce any evidence.” Akala explained this has led to gang violence, incarceration rates, and these are similar to issues in the U.S. However, he also explained those issues in the U.K. were not as bad as what we went through in the United States.

Akala told us there is nowhere in the U.K., and there is only black people, whereas in the U.S. he said his business partner who grew up in Brooklyn had never seen a white person until she was ten years old. “There weren’t public lynching in the 50’s and 60’s in the U.K…I mean the police are not pulling drivebys on 12-year-children in the U.K…the situation here to me is much worse in most ways. In a weird way, black culture has a lot more respect.. many black people in the U.K. come here.”

Akala’s single “Giants” ft. Kabaka Pyramid will be released on September 16th off of his album “10 Years of Akala” released on September 23rd.

By Steve Sweeney in Britain:

Tories accused of burying report on public sector racism

Friday 14th July 2017

LABOUR accused the Tories yesterday of failing to tackle racism in public services after the government delayed the publication of an “explosive” report into the issue.

Shadow diverse communities minister Dawn Butler urged PM Theresa May to release the findings of a Whitehall audit on racial disparities in the public sector, which had been due to be released in the summer.

But because senior figures have been “so shocked” by the findings its release has been delayed until September.

Ms Butler wrote to Ms May to say the release of the information was “vital to building public trust,” which has been damaged following the Grenfell Tower fire and the suspension of Tory MP Anne Marie Morris for using racist language at a debate about Brexit.

The audit report was commissioned by Ms May in August 2016, with Whitehall departments being asked to publish information showing how outcomes vary for people from different backgrounds in a range of areas including health, education and employment.

Downing Street described the audit of public services as unprecedented and promised that the first data would be released by the summer, however no information has been published.

In Ms Butler’s letter she said: “According to reports, the reason for the delay is because the findings are ‘explosive’.”

She continued: “I therefore simply ask, what has changed? Are the truths so difficult that you no longer want to shine a light on them?”

6 thoughts on “British Conservative government covers up racism

  1. Monday 7th August 2017

    posted by Steve Sweeney in Britain

    HUGE differences between the living standards of certain ethnicities persist and are too often being ignored, according to a new report published today.

    The study by economic think tank the Resolution Foundation shows that Bangladeshi and Pakistani household incomes are more than a third lower than the white British average and for black Africans a fifth lower.

    Resolution Foundation spokesman Adam Corlett said: “Differences in living standards between ethnicities in Britain too often go ignored.

    “This matters because income gaps between different minority ethnic groups and white British households are significant and persistent.

    “However, we should be encouraged by the fact that there have been big improvements in some instances, such as the impressive employment gains seen among black, Bangladeshi and Pakistani men and women.

    “Thanks to this and other factors, since the turn of the millennium, Bangladeshi and Pakistani households have actually seen the fastest income growth.”

    Bangladeshi households experienced the fastest income growth: 38 per cent in real terms between 2001-03 and 2014-16, and 28 per cent for Pakistani households.

    Male Pakistani and Bangladeshi workers saw median pay increase by 28 per cent since 2001 compared with just 1 per cent for men of other ethnicities, said the report.

    People’s Assembly national organiser Tom Griffiths told the Star: “This is further evidence of the failed Tory austerity agenda where living standards continue to fall for the majority of people.

    “The public-sector pay freeze has lasted longer than the second world war and, while any kind of growth is welcome, it is a sad indictment of society when there is such disparity in living standards based on people’s ethnic background.”


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