Save Tanzania’s lesser flamingos

This video says about itself:

The Flamingo Factory

29 June 2017

In partnership with BirdLife International‘s global campaign to protect the last remaining breeding area for East Africa’s flamingos – and to support community livelihoods at Lake Natron, Tanzania – director Turk Pipkin and The Nobelity Project take a ten-year look at the East Africa’s greater and lesser flamingos, a migration of millions, that Sir David Attenborough called “The greatest ornithological spectacle on earth.”

To learn more about protecting Lake Natron and supporting local Masai communities, go to

From BirdLife about this today:

The unique ecology at Lake Natron in Tanzania, with its high levels of soda attracting salt-loving algae, the favourite food for the Near-Threatened Lesser Flamingo Phoeniconaias minor, make it their most important breeding site in the world. Lesser Flamingos used to breed at Lake Magadi in Kenya, but heavy soda ash mining poisoned the water and altered the ecology of the lake, turning paradise into a life-threatening site for these pink birds. Flamingos can live for over 50 years in the wild, so many will remember having to uproot and move to Lake Natron, where through the help of supporters like you, BirdLife successfully blocked Tata Chemicals from building a second factory in 2010. Rather than creating a soda ash factory, BirdLife supporters preserved most important ‘Flamingo Factory’!

Despite this, the Tanzanian government still want to build a factory at Lake Natron. Thankfully, BirdLife’s work continues as a result of a new project funded by the UK Government Darwin Initiative. Its aim is to enhance ecotourism in the area, improve local livelihoods and watershed protection and to finally eliminate the threat of a factory, a polluted lake, damaged livelihood and the extinction of Lesser Flamingos.

Environmental protection is vital for Tanzania’s industrial economy plan: here.

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