Neonazi bomb terror in Sweden

This Swedish video says about itself (translated):

They are sentenced to jail after the bomb chaos in Gothenburg

7 July 2017

Today, the verdict came against Viktor Melin, 23, Jimmy Jonasson, 51, and Anton Thulin, 20, all sentenced to imprisonment for the attempted murders of Gothenburg.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Neonazi terrorists jailed over series of bomb attacks

Sunday 9th July 2017

THREE far-right terrorists were jailed in Sweden yesterday in connection with a series of bomb attacks.

Gothenburg District Court found Viktor Melin, a member of the neonazi Nordic Resistance Movement (NRM), guilty of attempted murder and endangering life for three incidents — a home-made bomb left at a campsite accommodating refugees on January 25 which failed to go off, another which blew up at an asylum centre on January 5 and seriously injured an immigration officer and a third which targeted a syndicalist bookshop but fortunately failed to hurt anyone.

Mr Melin, who made all three bombs, was sentenced to eight years and six months behind bars, while Jimmy Jonasson and Anton Thulin, who provided components, were sentenced to five years and 18 months respectively.

All three had ties to the NRM, which has a history of lethal violence, though prosecutors said they had become dissatisfied with its leadership for not being violent enough.

During a neonazi rally in the Finnish capital Helsinki last year, members knocked out anti-fascist protester Jimi Joonas Karttunen, who died a week later of a brain haemorrhage, an episode the NRM called “swift disciplining.”

The fascists received a setback from an unexpected source on Wednesday, when the Swedish Patent and Registration Office ordered them to stop using the term Nordfront, a name of one of their websites often used on promotional materials, after complaints from German deep-freeze company Nordfrost that the names were too similar and could be confused.

From aktuellt Fokus in Sweden:

Porn Addicted Bomb Nazi Mutilated Himself With An Axe


The former so-called ”resistance” leader Viktor Melin is under arrest suspected of having adapted and detonated explosives targeting refugees and political opponents in Gothenburg, Sweden.

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