Six-spot burnet moth video

This 6 July 2017 video shows a six-spot burnet moth.

Gré Pape made this video in nature reserve Engbertsdijksvenen near Vriezenveen in Overijssel province in the Netherlands.

London Grenfell Tower survivors say arrest those guilty

This video from London, England says about itself:

Grenfell Tower Survivor Miguel Alves Talks About His Experiences After The Fire

12 July 2017

Miguel Alves, who escaped the Grenfell Tower fire with his family but lost his home and possessions, speaks.

By Steve Sweeney in Britain:

Angry residents demand arrests over Grenfell fire

Sunday 9th July 2017

Inquiry head Martin Moore-Bick finally comes face to face with survivors of inferno

ARRESTS must be made over the Grenfell Tower fire that killed and displaced hundreds of people, angry residents told the controversial newly appointed head of the inquiry at a heated meeting.

They fear that, unless strong action is taken, those who died in the fire at the west London block owned by the Tory-run Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea will be left without justice.

Senior judge Sir Martin Moore-Bick met residents for the first time on Thursday evening and sought to reassure them that he would look into the matter to “the very best of his ability.”

He initially stated that investigations would focus only on the cause of the blaze. But there are strong suspicions that cladding fitted to the building during a recent refurbishment allowed the fire to spread quickly.

Mr Moore-Bick has faced calls to resign from the post, having clearly failed to gain the confidence of the community.

He had previously presided over a case that gave the green light to Westminster Council to rehouse a single mother of five with serious health problems in a property near Milton Keynes, far from her support network, before the Supreme Court overturned the ruling.

The judge, who recently retired, told North Kensington locals: “If I can’t satisfy you because you have some preconception about me as a person, that’s up to you.”

A resident said there was a lot of “frustration, anger and confusion” on show at the meeting.

Melvyn Atkins said: “It is going to be an uphill struggle. People feel abandoned.

“People firmly believe that arrests should be made as a result of the outcome of all of this. If arrests are not made, people are going to feel justice may not be being done.”

Fellow resident Jacqui Hayes said: “They are relying on us giving up, being tired and becoming overwhelmed.”

No official start date for the inquiry into the June 14 fire has been set, but Mr Moore-Bick said he aimed to set its terms of reference before Parliament goes into recess.

Some 190 samples of cladding taken from buildings in 51 local authority areas have failed fire safety tests in a programme begun after the Grenfell fire.

The Department for Communities and Local Government said experts would examine how various types of cladding insulation with different varieties of aluminium composite material in the panels react when alight.

This video from London, England says about itself:

Claudia Jones – ‘Hidden Herstories’

1 September 2014

Claudia Jones

“• Born 15th February 1915 and died 24th December 1964
• She was deported from the USA during the McCarthy period and was given asylum in the UK
• Remembered in the UK as the ‘Mother of Notting Hill Carnival’
• Founded and edited The West Indian Gazette
• There is a plaque dedicated to Claudia Jones on Portobello Road, it was unveiled on 22nd August 2008.”

Sukant Chandan from Sons of Malcolm was the project manager of the Hidden Herstories project.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Sadiq Khan rejects cynical bid to displace Carnival

Sunday 9th July 2017

A GOVERNMENT request to move the Notting Hill Carnival from its historic location in the wake of the nearby Grenfell Tower disaster was rejected by [Labour] London Mayor Sadiq Khan on Friday.

[Conservative] Minister for London Greg Hands, who is the MP for the nearby Chelsea and Fulham constituency, questioned on Twitter whether if it would be “appropriate to stage Carnival in the near proximity of a major national disaster.

“I would like you to consider moving the location, and/or the [Greater London Authority], with its experience of running major events, taking over the Carnival, in conjunction with the current organisers,” he added after a meeting with the mayor.

Mr Khan said he would not find a new location for the two-day annual event, which takes place on the last Sunday and Monday in August.

“Notting Hill Carnival is a firm London tradition and incredibly important to the local community. It should not be moved,” he tweeted.

London rapper Stormzy called Mr Hands a “scumbag” for making the suggestion.

ITV news presenter Charlene White tweeted: “A community that once a year gets to celebrate their varied and wonderful cultures. And you want that MOVED? And you wonder why trust is low.”

New Dutch ladybird species discovery

Cynegetis impunctata, photo Gilles San Martin, Belgium

Today, Dutch entomologists reported about the discovery of Cynegetis impunctata, a ladybird species new for the Netherlands.

It occurs at two spots in the Netherlands, in Overijssel and Friesland provinces.

A new study has found an effective way to cryopreserve — preservation by cooling to very low temperature — and subsequently transplant ovaries of the multicolored Asian ladybird beetle, Harmonia axyridis: here.

Puffin recovering on Texel island

This 9 July 2017 video shows a puffin feeding at Ecomare museum on Texel island in the Netherlands. The weakened starving bird had been found on the beach of Egmond aan Zee on 8 July. Apparently, it was not injured, but it was very underweight. Fortunately, now it is eating well. When its weight will be normal again, it will be freed.

This 8 July 2017 video shows the puffin before its arrival at Ecomare.