French President Macron, minister in Las Vegas financial scandal

This video from the Organized Crime Channel in the USA says about itself:

When the Mob Ruled Vegas | Las Vegas and the Mafia Documentary – Sin City Mafia Casino

31 May 2017

Vegas and the Mob, History of the Mafia and Las Vegas, The Legendary Mafia Skim and how the mob built Vegas. Just Like in the famous mob movie Casino based on a true story.

Vegas existed before the mob came to town but not in any way that would be familiar to the millions of people who flock to the city today. It took the vision of legendary mobster Bugsy Siegel to start the transformation of Vegas and his monumental Flamingo Hotel became the anchor of “the strip.”

Follow the influence of the mob in Vegas from Siegel through the “Strawman Trials” which today’s gaming giants claim marked the end of mob influence in Vegas. See how Jimmy Hoffa worked with the mob to help build the heart of Vegas while attracting the attention of J. Edgar Hoover.

The boss for life of the FBI, who denied the mafia existed.

Trace the story of legendary front-man Allen Glick the basis for the hit movie Casino and meet mob lawyers, Nevada officials, gambling moguls and entertainers who reveal the hidden history of Vegas. From the Flamingo to the Luxor, this is the complete story of how the mob exploited legal gambling to make billions of dollars.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV:

French justice department is investigating trade mission which included Macron

Today, 12:52

The French justice department has launched an investigation into irregularities in the financing of a commercial mission to Las Vegas. It also included President Macron, then Minister of Economic Affairs.

The trip was organized by Business France, a group representing French business interests. Destination was a major technology fair, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Macron wanted to promote new French technology companies. However, the trip may have been financed illegally.

Macron gave a speech to the CES, but according to French officials, he had nothing to do with the organization of the trip.

However, the investigation can now hurt Minister Pénicaud. She is now [Macron’s] Labour Minister, but during the trip to Las Vegas she was the bigwig of Business France.

On July 13, after only a few days’ debate, the French National Assembly approved the draft enabling act presented by French President Emmanuel Macron’s government on July 10. The Assembly is thus authorizing the government to drastically rewrite labor laws by decree, without any further input from parliament. This vote, newspapers wrote, marked the start of Macron’s term in office: here.

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