European Union boss Juncker disrespects European parliament

This video says about itself:

4 November 2015

Tax campaigners protested outside the European Commission and Council in support of the whistleblowers who exposed the Luxleaks scandal, and against tax dodging multinational corporations.

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker is up to his neck in the Luxleaks scandal.

From the BBC today:

EU’s Juncker calls empty European Parliament ‘ridiculous’

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker has launched a bitter attack on members of the European Parliament for failing to show up.

Standing up in almost empty chamber in Strasbourg, he denounced the body as “ridiculous, totally ridiculous”.

Estimating the number of MEPs at around 30, he said it proved that the parliament was “not serious”.

Parliament President Antonio Tajani reacted furiously, accusing him of a lack of respect.

“You can criticise the parliament, but it’s not the commission‘s job to control the parliament, it’s the parliament that has to control the commission,” he said.

But the clash continued. …

It was one of the most acrimonious public rows between top EU officials in recent years.

Whatever criticisms there may be of the European Parliament, at least it is elected, contrary to Mr Juncker. Juncker and Tajani are both Christian Democrats.

It is rare for the head of one EU institution to take such a public swipe at the legitimacy of another. …

Ignoring a further objection by the parliament president to his choice of language, Mr Juncker told the few MEPs in the chamber: “I will never again attend a meeting of this kind”.

Juncker’s State of the EU speech: Europe readies for war with the world: here.

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