Japanese right-wing government loses local election

This video says about itself:

Japanese protest against Shinzo Abe‘s attempt to change constitution

21 May 2017

“What should be changed is not the Constitution but politics!” Young Japanese stage a protest against Prime Minister Shinzo Abe‘s attempt to amend the pacifist Constitution.

From Reuters news agency:

Sun Jul 2, 2017 | 8:50am EDT

Japan PM’s party suffers historic defeat in Tokyo poll, popular governor wins big

By Linda Sieg | TOKYO

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe‘s Liberal Democratic Party suffered an historic defeat in an election in the Japanese capital on Sunday, signaling trouble ahead for the premier, who has suffered from slumping support because of a favoritism scandal.

On the surface, the Tokyo Metropolitan assembly election was a referendum on Governor Yuriko Koike‘s year in office, but the dismal showing for Abe’s party is also a stinging rebuke of his 4-1/2-year-old administration.

Koike’s Tokyo Citizens First party and its allies were on track for between 73 to 85 seats in the 127-seat assembly, according to exit polls by NHK public TV.

Later vote counts showed the LDP was certain to post its worst-ever result, winning at most 37 seats compared with 57 before the election, NHK said, while Koike’s party and allies were assured a majority.

“We must recognize this as an historic defeat,” former defense minister Shigeru Ishiba was quoted by NHK as saying.

Shizo Abe’s present war … sorry, I should use the euphemism ‘defense’ minister, Tomomi Inada, is friends with the fuehrer of Japan’s neonazi party.

“Rather than a victory for Tokyo Citizens First, this is a defeat for the LDP,” said Ishiba, who is widely seen as an Abe rival within the ruling party. …

Past Tokyo elections have been bellwethers for national trends. A 2009 Tokyo poll in which the LDP won just 38 seats was followed by its defeat in a general election that year …

Koike, a media-savvy ex-defense minister and former LDP member, took office a year ago as the first female governor in the capital, defying the local LDP chapter to run and promising to reform governance of a megacity with a population of 13.7 million and an economy bigger than Holland’s. …

“We may discover that Japan is not all that different from Britain, France, and the U.S. in its ability to produce a big political surprise,” he said, referring to recent elections in those countries.

The LDP’s thrashing could also make it harder for Abe to pursue his cherished goal of revising the U.S.-drafted constitution’s pacifist Article 9 by 2020, a politically divisive agenda, said Sophia University professor Koichi Nakano.

“His prime motive to stay in power is his desire to revise the constitution, but once his popularity really starts to fall, that becomes very difficult to do,” Nakano said.

Abe‘s troubles center on concern he may have intervened to help Kake Gakuen (Kake Educational Institution), whose director, Kotaro Kake, is a friend, win approval for a veterinary school in a special economic zone.

The government has not granted such an approval in decades due to a perceived glut of veterinarians. Abe and his aides have denied doing Kake any favors.

Potentially more devastating is the impression among many voters that Abe and his inner circle have grown arrogant. …

Abe is expected to reshuffle his cabinet in coming months in an effort to repair his damaged ratings, a step often taken by beleaguered leaders but one that can backfire if novice ministers become embroiled in scandals or commit gaffes.

Among those many political insiders expect to be replaced is Defense Minister Tomomi Inada. Inada’s remark during the Tokyo campaign seeking voter support in the name of the Self-Defense Forces, as the military is known, came under heavy fire. By law, the military is required to be politically neutral.

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe plans to accelerate the revision of the country’s constitution at a faster than expected pace. During a speech on June 24, he proposed that his ruling Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) would submit proposed changes to lawmakers by the end of the year. At the top of the list of amendments is the alteration of Article 9, often referred to as the pacifist clause, in order to accelerate Japan’s remilitarization: here.

Japanese PM Abe’s support slides again before parliament appearance: here.

2 thoughts on “Japanese right-wing government loses local election

  1. Tuesday 11th July 2017

    posted by Morning Star in World

    JAPANESE Prime Minister Shinzo Abe announced yesterday that he will reshuffle his cabinet next month in a bid to rebound from his Liberal Democratic Party’s (LDP) recent crushing defeat in Tokyo municipal elections.

    The seriousness of public loss of confidence in the LDP was exemplified by a weekend poll in the liberal Asahi newspaper showing support for his government at 33 per cent, down seven points from a week earlier.

    Polls carried by conservative media showed similar results.

    A range of recent scandals, including a major one involving Mr Abe driving pro-militarisation legislation through parliament, have hurt the prime minister’s popularity, leading to heavy losses in the July 2 Tokyo assembly elections.

    Mr Abe, who is travelling in Europe after the G20 summit, said that he would reshuffle his cabinet in early August, replacing some of the ministers criticised most widely for problematic remarks and scandals.

    However, the prime minister is himself accused of helping a friend gain government approval for a new veterinary school.

    The LDP suffered a crushing defeat in the Tokyo municipal poll, slumping from 57 seats to 23 and ceding control to the Tomin First no Kai (Metropolitan Citizens First Association) party, led by Tokyo Governor Koike Yuriko, which won 49 seats and became the leading grouping in the 127-member metropolitan assembly.

    Its Komei running mates won 23 seats, while the Communist Party increased its number of seats from 17 to 19, taking 14.73 per cent of votes cast and becoming the only party to increase both its vote share and total vote.



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