Poem and London Grenfell Tower disaster

This video from London, England says about itself:

Councillor’s outrage at Grenfell Tower meeting banning press & former residents

30 June 2017

Labour councillor’s outrage at Grenfell Tower meeting banning press & residents over fears of violence, calling it a “complete fiasco.”

By Martin Hayes in London, England:

Thursday 29th June 2017

Martin Hayes – one block of council flats left

just one block of council flats remains in this area
where we work our magic in
allocating out jobs to couriers
so that multinationals and £500-an-hour law firms
and hedge-fund managers who look after billions of pounds
can remain healthy and strong
making more money in one hour
than all the tenants of this last block of council flats left
will make in their lifetimes
put together

just one ugly block of brick and red cladding council flats still stands
amongst all of the million-pound lofts and chrome and smoked-glass luxury flats
that have sprung up in this area over the last 8-years just one
block with 42 flats
where couriers and mechanics and school teachers and bus drivers
and nurses and firemen and waitresses can still safely keep
a roof over their families heads where they can
still wash and cook and put their children into a bed
and get them up to go into a school this one block of flats left
sat there like a rotten tooth in a row of perfect molars
housing these workers
enabling them to keep their dignity and love as millionaire footballers
move in next door as seven-figure-waged-bankers buy whole floors
just so they can have somewhere to stay
while in London
as people in media hire cranes
to lift £30,000 pieces of furniture into their lofts as
politicians and councillors plot
how best they can make this last ugly block of council flats left

along with its infections

Note: Martin Hayes works half a mile from Grenfell Tower. This poem was written over 6 months ago.

Martin was born in 1966 and has worked in the courier industry for over 35 years. His second book of poetry, When We Were Almost Like Men, was published by Smokestack Books and he has another collection coming out with Smokestack in 2018.

The human cost of capitalism: The Grenfell fire and the poisoning of Flint, Michigan: here.

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