Extreme right Islamophobic acid attack in London

This Channel 4 TV video from England says about itself:

‘Acid attack was a hate crime’: London victim speaks out

29 June 2017

A man who was left with life-changing injuries in an East London acid attack has been telling this programme about his ordeal. Jameel Mukhtar was in his car with his cousin Resham Khan when a toxic substance was sprayed through the window.

There’s been a steep rise in acid attacks in recent years. In 2015 the Metropolitan Police said there were 261 such attacks, but last year that soared to 454. Today Mr Mukhtar told this programme he believes he may have been targeted because of his race or religion. Assed Baig heard his distressing story.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV:

Victim of acid attack in London: This was related to Islamophobia

Today, 17:18

Jameel Muhktar and his niece have been mutilated for the rest of their lives after an acid attack. Last week they were sprayed in London with a corrosive liquid. Jameel says he and his cousin were targeted because of their appearance. “Perhaps the perpetrators wanted to attack Muslims after the attacks of recent times.”

Jameel, 37, and his cousin, Reshem Khan, were in a car waiting for a traffic light in Beckton, East London. They wanted to celebrate Reshem’s 21st birthday, until a man knocked on the car. When Jameel opened, the perpetrator sprayed a bitter acid over them.

Jameel believes that the crime has not received enough attention. “The perpetrator did this out of hatred. If someone from my background would have done this to a white couple, then the reaction would have been very different. Everybody knows that this then would be called a terrorist attack.”

According to the London police, the alleged perpetrator is 24-year-old John Tomlin. He still walks around in the British capital. The police warn people not to approach him. His motive is still unknown, but on his Facebook page he had shared several extreme right-wing messages.

Acid attack on two Muslim cousins in London being treated as hate crime. Metropolitan police say new evidence has come to light about attack in which Jameel Muhktar and Resham Khan suffered severe burns: here.

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