Grenfell Tower flammable cladding also in Germany

This 8 March 2019 video from Britain says about itself:

Grenfell: The Deadly Cladding No One is Removing

After the Grenfell fire killed 72 people, many promises were made. Politicians vowed they would never let such a tragedy happen again. But survivors say lessons are not being learned fast enough. 21 months after the fire, 354 buildings in England still have flammable cladding on them. In London, at least 176 high-rise buildings are yet to remove their Grenfell-style cladding.

Residents living at Northpoint in Bromley say they are facing bankruptcy and have been “abandoned” by the government. It comes as police say criminal charges over the Grenfell Tower fire won’t be considered until the end of 2021. Survivors group Grenfell United say they feel “frustrated and disheartened” by the lack of progress.

Another video from Britain used to say about itself:

Krishnan Guru-Murthy Challenges Former Tory [Conservative] Minister Over 74 Falsified Building Fire Inspections

26 June 2017

Former Tory Party Housing and Fire Minister Brandon Lewis is challenged by Krishnan Guru-Murthy over his record with at least 74 tower buildings failing safety standards that were passed as safe when he was minister.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV:

Inhabitants of flat in Wuppertal moved out due to flammable façade cladding

Today, 18:08

In the German city of Wuppertal people are moved out of a building. The façade of the building is of the same material as at Grenfell Tower in London, which completely burnt out two weeks ago.

After the fire in the tower block, which killed at least 79 people, all apartment buildings in Germany are being checked. The evacuation in Wuppertal is the first result of this.

What The Grenfell Fire Could Teach Trump. The Trump administration has been loosening health and safety regulations since Day One. By Dave Jamieson, Arthur Delaney in the USA.

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  2. Wednesday 28th June 2017

    posted by Morning Star in Britain

    High rises across England fit with dodgy panels

    by Felicity Collier

    EVERY sample of external cladding tested since the Grenfell Tower inferno has failed fire safety checks, the government revealed yesterday.

    All 95 samples of cladding from tower blocks submitted by 32 councils have failed, the Cabinet was told. Hospitals and schools are also being tested for combustible cladding.

    Prime Minister Theresa May said there would have to be a “major national investigation” into what had gone wrong when dangerous cladding was fitted on buildings across the country over decades.

    Her spokesman said this could be conducted as a second phase of the public inquiry into the disaster that has officially claimed 79 lives.

    Shadow housing secretary John Healey said: “Ministers must now do a great deal more to reassure residents that everything is being done to keep them safe.

    “They must improve the testing process which has so far been too slow, too narrow and too secretive.

    “The PM promised that 100 tests a day could be done but two weeks on from the Grenfell Tower fire only 95 have been completed.

    “Ministers must also not outsource all responsibility for urgent remedial action to councils and housing associations.

    “They must guarantee that where fire risks are found they will make available upfront funding, including for recladding buildings, fire prevention work and retro-fitting sprinkler systems, starting with the highest-risk blocks.”

    The findings came as fire safety experts criticised regulations on cladding for high-rise buildings for being too vague.

    David Metcalfe, head of the Centre for Window and Cladding Technology, said that regulations refer to insulation products and filler materials, but do not specifically state that cladding should be of limited combustibility.

    He said: “The bigger issue is that it is not entirely clear whether or not the products, in accordance with the regulations, have to be of limited combustibility in the first place.”

    The government was applying a “strict” interpretation of rules set out in an “unclear” regulatory document, Mr Metcalfe charged.

    “They are interpreting that document to say the cladding should have been of limited combustibility but it doesn’t actually say that.”

    Three towers in Newham, east London, and two in Sefton, Merseyside, are the latest to be identified as at-risk, the Department for Communities and Local Government said.


  3. Wednesday 28th June 2017

    posted by Morning Star in Britain

    by Felicity Collier

    RESIDENTS near Grenfell Tower called on the government yesterday to leave “no stone unturned” in investigating the disaster which left at least 79 people dead and hundreds displaced or declared “missing.”

    In an open letter, locals living in the nearby low-rises on Lancaster West estate urged PM Theresa May and Home Secretary Amber Rudd to make “swift recommendations to ensure there can be no chance of a repeat of this disaster elsewhere.”

    The group, which is part of the Justice For Grenfell campaign, demanded that the probe must “identify each and every individual and organisation who bears responsibility and accountability for this tragedy and the mishandling of the aftermath.”

    The number of displaced households now in emergency accommodation following the fire has risen to 386, according to the Grenfell Response Team.

    While the residents’ group welcomed the government pledge to consult those affected by the fire on the terms of the inquiry, it insisted that a timetable of proceedings must be set out as soon as possible.

    Condemning the “paucity of support” that victims received from the state, it said that bereaved families and survivors must be given immediate funding for lawyers without means-testing.

    This is because many of the survivors have lost their official documents.

    The group warned that the outcome of the inquiry would be “a litmus test for how national and local government policy impacts communities up and down the length of Britain.”

    Inquests into the deaths of four out of the 79 people confirmed dead were opened and adjourned at Westminster Coroner’s Court on Monday.


  4. Wednesday 28th June 2017

    posted by Morning Star in Britain

    THE true number of people killed in the Grenfell Tower disaster may have been covered up due to fears of riots, Labour’s David Lammy suggested yesterday.

    The Tottenham MP said there was a “gap” between the 79 confirmed dead by authorities and the hundreds locals say must have perished.

    Hundreds of Grenfell residents have been declared “missing” or have yet to be accounted for.

    In a BBC Newsnight interview, Mr Lammy said: “What people say is that if you put the numbers out early, there could be civil unrest. That’s what they say.”

    He added: “I am sympathetic to it, I am going to walk alongside those people.”

    On Twitter yesterday, he wrote: “The truth is that the authorities have lost the trust of the community. Making an effort to work out how many people were in Grenfell would be a good first step.”

    Shortly after the fire, Mr Lammy called on PM Theresa May and Metropolitan Police to seize all documents relating to Grenfell Tower to prevent the government inquiry turning into a “cover up.”


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