Islamophobes threaten Dutch mosque with terrorism

Letter threatening as-Soennah mosque with terrorism, with toy truck

Dutch NOS TV reports today that the as-Soennah mosque in The Hague has received a letter threatening them and schools with Muslim children with a terrorist attack with a truck. A toy truck was added to the letter.

‘After week after week of cars driving over your bodies you may wake up at last’, the Islamophobes threatened.

The mosque says they had been threatened with violence earlier as well.

13 thoughts on “Islamophobes threaten Dutch mosque with terrorism

    • And it is sickening that at the site of Dutch right-wing and Islamophobic PowNed broadcasting organisation (which got its broadcasting licence from PvdA theoretically ‘center left’ minister Plasterk, taking the licence away from progressive Link broadcasters), many reactions support this threat of terrorism.


  1. More and more i think some groups working on a clash of cuture for a asymetric third world war. The groups, we know them from the past and from Germany are not eliminated. They have the money the working people should have. Who is interested in putting crosses on new buildings? Who – within the normal working people is interested in saving the traditional faith? They all – muslim and christs – only would have to eat, freedom and work. But others would not loose their power, not a very small part of it.


      • Oh, yes, this could also be true, but i think groups would use the differences between the three to play their very own game. And this i think is the problem they got with a president like DJT and his cooperation within the three states. Which state could increase his power, when the USA, China and Russia are the same meaning? 😉


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