British fire dangers, not just Grenfell Tower

This video from England says about itself:

British Grimer Stormzy Demands Justice For Grenfell Tower Fire Victims During Glastonbury Festival 2017 Set.

Residents of tower blocks throughout the UK are living in potential death traps just like the Grenfell Tower block in west London where scores if not hundreds perished on June 14. Initial testing of external cladding on 60 apartment blocks located in 25 local authorities resulted in them all being found to be combustible and failing fire safety tests: here.

Thousands of the poorest residents in north London’s Camden borough were evacuated from their homes this weekend, after fire experts told the local council they could not guarantee the tower blocks they lived in were safe. Cladding on the blocks was carried out by the companies involved in refurbishing Grenfell Tower, west London, which turned into an inferno when a fire in one apartment spread rapidly, resulting in the deaths of at least 79 people: here.

7 thoughts on “British fire dangers, not just Grenfell Tower

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