Eurasian bird news

This 2015 video is about puffins and other seabirds of the Farne Islands, England.

From BirdLife:

16 June 2017

The Bird Bulletin – Vol. 11

By Gui-Xi Young

Welcome to the latest edition of ‘The Bird Bulletin’ – our weekly news brief. Every Friday morning, we bring you bite-sized updates from across Europe & Central Asia – kick start your weekend with “what a little bird told me!”

ANCHORS AWEIGH! Read BirdLife’s new marine blog ‘Journey to the Mid-Atlantic Ridge’ in which Marguerite Tarzia chronicles her month-long voyage across the high seas in search of whales and seabirds aboard the research vessel RRS Discovery! Read now…

Squid pro quoDr Vladimir Laptikhovsky – expert in all things cephalopod (octopus, squid, cuttlefish, etc.) – takes us down into the depths of the wild open ocean in search of food for hungry seabirds. Read more…

Nature vs. pesticides – A bittersweet victory: On Wednesday a whopping 363 MEPs voted against a proposed ban on the use of pesticides on ‘safe havens’ for farmland nature – just 13 votes shy of the needed overall majority. Nature may have ruled the day, but what was supposed to be a ‘no brainer’ vote, turned out to be a very close call. Read more…

Turkish delight! Doğa Derneği (BirdLife Turkey) is celebrating a major victory for conservation. This week, the Parliament withdrew a draft proposal that would allow building development in the protected olive pastures of Anatolia. Read more…

Well that’s all for today’s ‘Bird Bulletin’ – tune in next week for more cheeps, chirps and chatter.

Bye bye birdies!

Gui-Xi Young, Editor & Campaigns Officer – BirdLife Europe & Central Asia

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