5 thoughts on “South Korea’s new government stops nuclear reactor plans

  1. Thursday 24th August 2017

    posted by Morning Star in World

    SOUTH KOREA rejected US calls yesterday to revise the five-year-old bilateral Free Trade Agreement (FTA), which the Trump administration claims is harming US workers.

    Speaking after a video conference with US trade representative Robert Lighthizer, Trade Minister Kim Hyung Chong said Seoul proposed a joint study with Washington to evaluate the impact of the bilateral trade deal and the cause of the US trade deficit.

    “We did not agree to the unilateral proposal from the US to amend the Korea-US FTA,” he said.

    Following Mr Kim’s comments, Mr Lighthizer said: “Unfortunately, too many American workers have not benefited from the agreement,” adding that US President Donald Trump was “committed to substantial improvements” in the deal.

    At a rally in Phoenix, Arizona, on Tuesday, Mr Trump said he would “end up probably terminating” the North American Free Trade Agreement despite ongoing talks with the other members Canada and Mexico.



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