Israeli peace movement solidarity with Gaza civilians today

This video says about itself:

Israeli Peace Demo Violently Disrupted, Dozens Injured as Counterprotesters Yell “Death to Arabs

21 July 2014

We look at the increasingly dangerous political climate inside Israel where several peace protests have recently come under attack. On Saturday, right-wing activists burned a Palestinian flag, chanted racial slurs, and threw stones at an antiwar protest in Haifa of Arabs and Israelis opposed to the bombardment of Gaza. Haifa’s deputy mayor, Dr. Suhail Assad, and his son were beaten.

On Sunday, the captain of a youth soccer team in Be’er Sheva wrote on his facebook page: “send left-wing voters to the gas chambers and clean this country of leftists.” The week before the Gaza invasion began, gangs were reportedly seen roaming the streets of Jerusalem and other towns shouting, “death to Arabs.”

We go to Israel to speak with Rann Bar-On, an Israeli peace activist and Duke University mathematics lecturer, who took part in Saturday’s Haifa protest. And we are joined by Max Blumenthal, senior writer for and bestselling author whose latest book, “Goliath: Life and Loathing in Greater Israel” documents the spread of right-wing Israeli extremism.

From Raluca in Israel today:

Millions of Gaza residents face an unprecedented humanitarian disaster. We must not stand idly by!

At the initiative of Zazim (“On the Move”), thousands of Israeli citizens signed a petition calling upon the government to avert the impending disaster and not to cut the supply of electricity to the Gaza Strip. Now we have decided to increase the pressure, so that our call will resonate with the decision makers in Israel and internationally.

This evening, Monday June 19, we will gather near the Gaza border to launch into the air 150 sky lanterns (paper lanterns with candles). They would illuminate the sky in solidarity with the residents of darkened Gaza.

We will meet today at 19:45 in the Big Fashion Ashdod parking lot, near the Ad Halom Junction, and from there we will proceed to the exact location for launching the sky lanterns.

For further questions please contact
Gil +972-(0)50-6995265, Raluca +972-(0)50-6314848

7 thoughts on “Israeli peace movement solidarity with Gaza civilians today

  1. Thursday 22nd June 2017

    posted by Morning Star in World

    EGYPT made a surprise delivery of diesel to the Israeli-besieged Gaza Strip yesterday to alleviate the Palestinian territory’s energy crisis.

    Eleven tanker lorries, between them carrying 220,000 gallons of fuel, entered Gaza through the normally closed Rafah border crossing in the morning.

    Gaza Finance Minister Yousef al-Kayali said another shipment of the same size was expected yesterday evening or this morning.

    The delivery arrived as Israel reduced electricity supplies to Gaza for the third time at the request of the Fatah Party-led Palestinian Authority over unpaid bills.

    The Egyptian fuel will allow Gaza’s own power plant, shut since April, to provide about 50 megawatts a day — a fraction of the 400Mw that the territory needs.

    Gaza Interior Ministry Undersecretary Tawfiq Abu Naim told reporters in Rafah that Cairo had “promised to open the crossing and introduce additional facilitations,” Palestinian news agency Ma’an reported, but he did not say whether that meant residents would also be allowed to cross.

    Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi has enforced the blockade of Gaza since the military overthrow of the short-lived Muslim Brotherhood government.

    But earlier this month, Egypt hosted a delegation of Hamas leaders, who also met dissident former Fatah executive member Mohammed Dahlan. Those talks reportedly led to the fuel shipments.

    “Our relationship with Egypt is getting better and Egypt showed high understandings of the crisis in Gaza,” said Hamas MP Khalil al-Hayya.
    “We agreed with Dahlan’s group on finding solutions to the humanitarian crisis.”

    Yesterday’s events were still surprising, given that Egypt backs the Saudi-led blockade of its neighbour Qatar over the latter’s support for the Muslim Brotherhood and its Palestinian offshoot Hamas.

    The Saudis also accuse Qatar of support for Isis, despite most of its funds coming from within Saudi Arabia.

    On Tuesday night, an unspecified number of Turkish troops arrived in in the Qatari capital Doha in support of the emirate.

    And in what appeared a further policy shift, US State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert said Washington was “mystified” as to the reasons for the “embargo.”

    She wondered: “Were the actions really about their concerns regarding Qatar’s alleged support for terrorism or were they about the long-simmering grievances?”


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