London Grenfell Tower survivors fight for justice

This video from London, England says about itself:

Furious Grenfell Tower Residents Confront Tory Minister Over Theresa May’s Refusal to Meet them

16 June 2017

Furious residents from the Grenfell Tower have confronted Andrea Leadsom over Theresa May’s refusal to meet residents from the tower.

Fears grow over ’15 tots from same nursery missing’ in Grenfell Tower fire. A childcare worker at Grenfell Nursery reportedly told a relative ‘at least 15 of the children aged between six months and four-years-old were still missing last night’: here.

Family’s tribute to ‘amazing’ Grenfell fire victim who died while brother survived as they were separated during chaos. Today police formally identified 23-year-old Mohammad Alhajali as a victim of the fire that so far is feared to have claimed 58 lives: here.

‘My brother’s in the flat but he’s dead’: Five-year-old Grenfell fire survivor’s harrowing words to firefighter. Crew manager Damian Magee found the young child on the stairs with his badly injured mother as they tried to escape the blaze: here.

Protest at Downing Street over Theresa May’s DUP deal and Grenfell Tower response. Marchers chant ‘go Jeremy Corbyn’ and wave placards saying ‘defy Tory rule”: here.

This video from London, England says about itself (based on the Conservative Daily Mail):

Lily Allen joins Grenfell Tower Blaze Protest at Kensington Town Hall

17 June 2017

Lily Allen joins Grenfell Tower Blaze Protest at Kensington Town Hall

Fury over Grenfell Tower tragedy boils over as protesters storm Kensington Town Hall, boo PM and march on Downing St shouting ‘May must go‘ as they blame Tory cuts for the fire that ‘killed 70’

• Earlier today Prime Minister Theresa May was heckled as she attended St Clement’s Church in Kensington
• Demonstrators later gathered outside the local council’s headquarters with questions for local officials
• Some of the group then got inside Kensington town hall, west London chanting ‘murderers’ and ‘cowards
• At least 300 people appeared outside the building this afternoon, chanting slogans and waving placards
• Separate protests spread to other locations in central London including outside Downing Street …

Frustrations over the fatal Grenfell Tower fire boiled over yesterday as victims, residents and protesters took to the streets of central London demanding answers over the blaze.

Hundreds of people gathered outside Kensington town hall in west London wanting to know how the tragedy could have happened.

The frustrated victims and family members then marched to the scene of the blaze at Grenfell Tower.

A separate march was held on Whitehall, where protesters were angry with the response from the Government following Wednesday’s disaster.

The group brought the heart of London to a standstill as they tried to march from the Home Office headquarters to Downing Street.

The crowd, shouting ‘May must go‘, ‘justice for Grenfell’ and ‘blood on your hands’, were met with a cordon of police officers as they marched up Horse Guards Parade, coming to a stop outside Downing Street.

Organisers estimated at least 1,400 were involved, with many waving placards. Protesters were also seen holding a sit-in at Oxford Circus and a further demonstration outside the BBC’s Broadcasting House.

It came as Prime Minister Theresa May faced angry scenes earlier in the day as she met the group of victims, residents, volunteers and community leaders at St Clement’s Church close to the scene of the horrific blaze.

The Prime Minister was booed and jeered after she met survivors of the inferno but failed to address people demanding a response to the devastating fire.

An angry protester shouted: ‘What is she doing here? She’s going back to her nice cosy home. Why has she come only on Friday? Get the f*** out.’

Other people shouted ‘murderer’ and ‘coward’ at the Prime Minister as she abandoned the meeting to return to the security of Downing Street. …

Councillors are among those who face serious questions over the apparent safety failings which led to the fire spreading quickly up the tower block on Tuesday night.

The protesters initially gathered outside the building, insisting that those displaced by the disaster be housed with the London borough rather than elsewhere.

But some of the group then went through the door chanting ‘we want justice’ and pushed up the stairs towards the authority’s offices. Some shouted ‘murderers’ while others yelled ‘cowards’.

The group were stopped halfway up the stairs, and most then returned outside.

The protesters issued a list of demands, including a ‘written commitment from the council on immediate rehousing of all the victims of Grenfell Tower fire, within the borough’.

A woman, who wiped away tears of frustration as she moved away from St Clement’s Church, said: ‘Everyone has lost everything and no one is doing nothing. This is our town.’

Another man, who did not give his name, told police: ‘It’s not your fault, she shouldn’t have come. What did she expect was going to happen.’

This 16 June 2017 video from London, England says about itself:

Justice for Grenfell tower demonstration

Global inequality much worse than previously thought, say economists. Official estimates of inequality only take into account the money that the tax man sees: here.

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