43 thoughts on “Grenfell Tower London, political, not natural, disaster

  1. “London outsources 999 fire control service

    Fire and Emergency Planning Authority is outsourcing its 999 emergency control service to Capita.

    Capita will supply a new “high-tech” 999 control system and run it on behalf of the Brigade, said the authority. The contract will run for 10 years and promises to realise over £5 million of savings over the lifetime of the contract.

    “This will ensure the best possible deal for London taxpayers and allow the Brigade to focus on its core business of putting out fires, rescuing Londoners and saving lives,” said the authority.

    Capita has existing contracts with other police, fire and ambulance services to provide emergency service mobilising systems, but London will become the first Brigade in the country to outsource its emergency call handling.”


    • Thank you so much!

      While grieving for their loved ones, the survivors now must make sure they get temporary housing … and won’t get cleansed socially by the Conservative local council and government trying to demolish the ruin and build housing for millionaires instead there.

  2. Hi folks,

    You will all have seen the unfolding tragedy at Grenfell Tower. We are organising solidarity for our member group the Grenfell Action Group, which became part of the Radical Housing Network about 3 years ago. They have been pressurising the local council for its failings throughout that time, and it’s horrific to see the implications of the council’s intransigence now.

    I hope to see many of you at the demonstration at DCLG tonight (Friday), 6pm by Victoria.

    As well as that demonstration, we have called a solidarity meeting tomorrow morning at 9.30am, at Maxilla Social Club, 2 Maxilla Walk, London W10 6NQ – we will walk down from the meeting, to the demonstration we’ve called at midday tomorrow.


    Action outside Kensington Town Hall to demand that the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea are held accountable for the deaths and tragedy of Grenfell, and that the residents’ and housing movement’s demands are met. This atrocity must never happen again.

    Saturday 17 June, Midday

    Kensington Town Hall

    Hornton Street


    W8 7NX

    Please can you forward this about – this has to mark a turning point in British housing policy, and it might well do.

    The meeting and action will focus on ongoing solidarity for the residents and the Grenfell Action Group. This means supporting them in achieving their demands and ensuring their voices are heard in the oncoming political debate. Here’s some lines from an RHN member about the feeling on the ground:

    I’ve spoken today with Eddie and also David Collins, who worked closely with Eddie on the campaign. They are clear about their immediate demands – they want all the residents to be housed locally and together in the aftermath as well as long term. And they want a full inquiry into what happened and into the Tenants Manangement Organisation.

    Even straight after the fire the council were trying to break up the residents – Eddie was allocated a single, emergency accomodation flat and had to fight to be put up in a decent hotel with other Grenfell families. He is organising to make sure this is the same for all residents. Therea May might have promised an inquiry but today said that “the government will make every effort to make sure that they are rehoused in London and as close as possible to home.” NOT GOOD ENOUGH. Also, yesterday, the head of the council refused to give a straight answer when questioned if the land would not be privatised.

    I have been down at Grenfell today, coordinating with Grenfell Action, dealing with press, speaking to journalists, organisers, survivors and those at the site. There is a lot of anger, and desire to hold the council to account. The action today is focussing on the government, but no action is yet being organised against the council. From what I’ve heard the community would be incredibly supportive of this. Chalking the town hall would enable people to literally write large their demands and anger on this symbol of local governance.


    Grenfell Action Group demand that no stone is left unturned in investigating what led to this horrific event, and that those responsible are held to account.

    Residents must not be broken up in the immediate aftermath of the fire. In the long term are must be offered local, secure and affordable housing. The community must be allowed to heal together.


    Radical Housing Network demand that the estate is fully rebuilt so that not a single unit of social housing is lost – this must not be an opportunity for the council to privatise homes, or for someone to make quick cash.

    Gavin Barwell, Conservative Chief of Staff and ex-Minister for Housing, who sat on a report warning that tower blocks were vulnerable to fire, must resign immediately, along with anyone else whose actions or neglect led to Grenfell. Criminal proceedings must be brought against those responsible.

    Bring banners and noise. Open mic and other action.

    Called by Radical Housing Network and our member group, Grenfell Action Group

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