Poor British Conservative Theresa May, satiric video

This satiric video from Britain says about itself:

Poor Theresa needs your help. Please, do what you can. 😢

13 June 2017

Theresa May needs your help after a dismal display in the General Election 2017 with Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour party making gains on the Conservatives.

3 thoughts on “Poor British Conservative Theresa May, satiric video

  1. Thursday 15th June 2017

    posted by Morning Star in Britain

    SHOUTS of “give us a clue” and “chaos” were yelled from the Labour benches yesterday after Speaker John Bercow confirmed he remains unclear about when Parliament will officially return.

    Uncertainty remains over whether the Queen’s Speech will take place as scheduled on June 19 as Prime Minister Theresa May continues to try and thrash out a deal with the extremist Democratic Unionist Party.

    Outlining the process to swear in MPs Mr Bercow said extra time would be made available “on the day of the Queen’s Speech” although he was unable to say when that would happen.

    Labour MPs could be heard making jokes about when the Queen’s Speech will emerge, with Ms May watching on from the government benches.

    Mr Bercow, to laughter, added: “I’m not in a position to divulge any further information on that matter.”

    Parliament is inching closer to its return with those elected on June 8 completing the formalities needed to confirm their positions as MPs.

    All MPs are expected to be sworn in before the State Opening of Parliament to enable them to speak in debates, vote and receive a salary.



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