New British government dangerous for women’s rights

This 28 May 2018 video from Britain is called DUP hold weak Theresa May to ransom over Northern Ireland abortion rights.

Another video from Britain used to say about itself:

Outrage as Tory MP reveals May could give DUP this shocking concession to secure coalition

10 June 2017

OWEN Paterson sparked outrage this morning when he suggested Theresa May could offer the DUP a reduced right to abortion to shore up their support.

Well, if Theresa May gets on well with the misogynistic Saudi royal family and with anti-women Donald Trump, one should not be surprised if she gets on well with Irish enemies of women’s rights.

The former Conservative minister sparked furious reactions following his admission that the DUP could get a debate on abortion rights in exchange for a coalition deal.

Owen Paterson was quizzed on what the minority Government under Theresa May would have to give up to secure the partnership.

This comes as the Prime Minister sent her Chief Whip to Northern Ireland to thrash out a formal deal as Mrs May tries to cling onto power after the shambolic election results.

Speaking to BBC Radio 4, Mr Paterson sought to ease fears that the involvement of the DUP in supporting Theresa May’s new government would lead to pressure to compromise.

But, while rejecting any chance of a reversal on LGBT issues such as gay marriage, the Tory MP opened up the prospect of a parliamentary debate on cutting abortion rights.

The former Northern Ireland secretary said: “I don’t see many major social issues coming up in the next parliament.

“You might get a debate I suppose on further reduction of abortion times as medical science advances.

“But the stuff you mention like gay rights and all that, which you’re probably referring to, that is all devolved.

“It’s not only a free vote issue, most of this, but it’s nearly all devolved and that’s down to the politicians in Northern Ireland to resolve.”

The DUP holds a controversial anti-abortion stance, with terminations illegal in Northern Ireland unless a woman’s life is in danger or there is a serious risk to her health.

Last year, its leader Arlene Foster said: “I would not want abortion to be as freely available here as it is in England.”

Labour MP Jo Stevens expressed her disgust online, tweeting: “This is just 1 reason why Theresa May doing a deal with DUP is chilling.”

Another person tweeted: “Owen Paterson & Theresa May you disgust me that you can even consider swapping women’s bodily autonomy in exchange for power.”

Green Party deputy leader Amelia Womack said: “We may have seen a record number of women gain seats in the Parliament this week, but the 10 MPs of the anti-abortion, anti-equal marriage DUP look set to have a disproportionate influence which should concern us all.

The London-Irish Abortion Rights Campaign, which campaigns for legal abortion in Ireland and Northern Ireland, warned Mrs May about the agreement with the DUP.

The group said: “The DUP has consistently blocked any attempts to allow abortion even in limited circumstances.

“They are out of step with the Conservative Party and the people of Britain on many moral and social issues, having also blocked attempts to legalise gay marriage in Northern Ireland. We urge Theresa May to think carefully before aligning herself with a party intent on undermining the human rights of Northern Irish women.”

By Lamiat Sabin in Britain:

Campaigners say: Don’t let DUP destroy human rights

Wednesday 14th June 2017

CAMPAIGNERS and union leaders wrote to Theresa May yesterday demanding a “categoric assurance” that women’s rights and access to abortion will not be weakened in any deal with the DUP.

A letter to the PM urges her not to “turn the clock back,” or to turn her back on the women of Northern Ireland.

Signatories to the letter include the Fawcett Society, TUC, Royal College of Midwives and British Pregnancy Advisory Service.

The letter says: “Women in Northern Ireland are forced to travel to another part of the UK in order to access the same abortion services as women in the rest of the UK.

“This affects hundreds of women each year. Only those who can afford to travel and pay for treatment — as, despite being UK taxpayers, women resident in Northern Ireland are currently not entitled to NHS-funded abortion care in England — can do so.”

Ms May met DUP leader Arlene Foster in Downing Street for ongoing discussions about an agreement to bolster the Tory minority government. Ms Foster did not say whether she would agree to a deal.

A failure for the PM to gain support from the Christian fundamentalist party would risk the Queen’s Speech being voted down next week.

Meeting her MPs in Westminster, Ms Foster declared: “The future’s bright,” prompting Ian Paisley Jnr to quip: “The future’s orange” — a reference to the bigoted Orange Order that seeks to ignite sectarian tensions with militaristic marches through Catholic areas.

John Major, Tory prime minister during negotiations for the Good Friday Agreement, said on the BBC’s World at One that he was “wary” of any alliance because it could undermine the peace process.

“The danger is that however much any government tries, they will not be seen to be impartial if they are locked into a parliamentary deal with one of the Northern Ireland parties,” he said.

“And you never know in what unpredictable way things will turn out.”

Tories could lose voters by the “bucketload” in another election if they promise cash for votes with the DUP, when the money could be “equally well received” by Wales, Scotland, and “just about managing” families anywhere, he added.

Ms May told her own MPs: “I’m the person who got us into this mess and I’m the one who will get us out of it.”

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