‘Labour voters will be sacked’, British boss says

This video from the USA says about itself:

Koch Brothers Among U.S. Billionaires Pressuring Thousands of Employees to Vote For GOP

15 October 2012

A new exposé raises alarming questions about the ability of corporations to influence the voting decisions of their employees. In an article published by “In These Times” magazine, labor journalist Mike Elk examines the contents of a voter information packet that Koch Industries sent to tens of thousands of employees at its subsidiary, Georgia Pacific.

The packet advised the employees on whom to vote for and warned them of the dire consequences to their families, their jobs and their country, should they choose to vote otherwise. Koch Industries is run by billionaire brothers Charles and David Koch. Corporations like Koch are legally allowed to pressure their workers to adopt their political views at the ballot box because of the Citizens United Supreme Court decision. Elk joins us to discuss his In These Times article, “Koch Sends Pro-Romney Mailing to 45,000 Employees While Stifling Workplace Political Speech”.

By Conrad Landin in Britain:

Rotten IT boss told workers: I’ll sack you if you vote Labour

Tuesday 13th June 2017

Director’s election day message ‘unacceptable’, says GMB

A BOSS told workers that the Labour voters among them would be first on the redundancy list, the Morning Star can reveal today.

John Brooker, the managing director of Watford-based IT firm Storm Technologies, was accused of “Dickensian workhouse nonsense” after he appeared to attempt to frighten his staff into voting Conservative.

Mr Brooker defended the email as “internal banter,” but trade union GMB said his claim that the message was a joke was itself “laughable.”

His email said: “Just a heads up though, VOTE CONSERVATIVE if you believe in free enterprise and progression without being taxed out of the game.”

Branding Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn a “nightmare”, he said: “If by any chance Labour win, we’ll have to rethink a few things here at the company, so if you value your job and want to hold on to your hard-earned money, vote Conservative.

“Labour voters will be made redundant first if Labour do win and things slow down.”

GMB, which represents workers at the company, hit out at the email.

“A company boss should not be harassing employees or interfering with their right to vote for who they wish,” the union’s London region secretary Warren Kenny said. “It’s Dickensian workhouse nonsense.

“Any staff working for John Brooker should have been able to vote for their candidate or party of choice without fear for their jobs and their livelihoods.”

Storm Technologies, which employs 109 staff, has been approved as a public services IT reseller under the new Crown Commercial Services Agreement. Its highest-paid director received £355,382 in 2015, according to company accounts. The company’s two shareholders, Mr Brooker and Soraya Brooker, were paid £1.6 million in dividends.

Labour shadow cabinet office minister Jon Trickett fumed: “It’s absolutely bloody appalling. This is going back to Victorian times.

“The whole business of the secret ballot is to prevent exactly this from happening.”

British corporation Jennings Bets suggest their employees vote Tory: here.

In the 1930s Netherlands, shipyard workers had to sign contracts including that they would vote for the Vrijheidsbond, a pro-Big Business party. It is not just employers. In the 1960s Netherlands, a landlord ordered tenants to have election posters on their windows of the VVD (successor party of the Vrijheidsbond). The tenants, if they would have been free to decide, would not have put up these posters.

4 thoughts on “‘Labour voters will be sacked’, British boss says

  1. Tuesday 13th June 2017

    posted by Morning Star in Britain

    by Peter Lazenby, Northern Reporter

    MURDERED Labour MP Jo Cox would have been “hugely excited” by the party’s performance in the general election, her husband said yesterday.

    Brendan Cox, whose wife was shot and stabbed in her Batley & Spen constituency in West Yorkshire last year, was speaking days before the first anniversary of her death on June 16.

    Mr Cox said he felt “empty” when the results came in as he recalled her excitement at being elected in 2015.

    But he said that her murder, by a neonazi terrorist, had failed in its aim to drive people apart and ensured that her voice was heard more than ever.

    “I think overall she would have been hugely excited that the Labour Party was doing much better than she probably would have anticipated it doing,” he said.

    Mr Cox has written a book, More In Common, inspired by his wife’s maiden speech in Parliament, which became a rallying call against hate in the wake of her death.

    He said: “Jo’s killing was designed to do a few things. It was designed to divide communities and it’s failed in doing that. It’s actually brought Jo’s community much closer together.

    “It was designed to stop her speaking, stop her message reaching people, and this book is showing that’s failed as well, that actually her voice and the messages and the things she cared about can reach more people even after her death.”

    He urged people to take part in an event called The Great Get Together this weekend (see greatgettogether.org to find out more), when scores of picnics and community events will be held across Britain to mark the anniversary of her murder.



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