Florida, USA wasp among flowers, video

This video from Florida in the USA says about itself:

6 May 2017

Blue Mud Dauber Wasp attracted to super bloom of Saw Palmettos. The thousands of saw palmettos that make up the under-story of the pine forest jungle behind the Backyard are all in full bloom.

The heavy sweet smell of this is overwhelming and as you might imagine attracts flying insects of all kinds. Many types of bees and wasps collect the pollen of the palmetto and the most interesting is this large striking metallic blue mud dauber, rarely seen in the foraging mode as it is a solitary low profile wasp that is not at all aggressive even when you stick a camera in its face. Another … thing about these big wasps is that they are major spider killers including brown and black widows.

Facial recognition changes a wasp’s brain: here.

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